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Revision History

Any time there are updates, they will be posted below with what changed.

In Development Items

  • TODO: Bookmark Implementation, Better Anom Functionality, Jetcan Usage
ISXBJEVE - 2018.01.15, Patch # 20B

Astro Bot-2018.01.15,Version 1.025b

  • Corrected a bug that would crash the script when warping to an anomaly.
  • Corrected a bug that would prevent the Hauler Task from successfully picking up from a miner in an anomaly.
  • When warping to an anomaly, AstroBot will now attempt to warp the fleet if Use warp fleet is enabled on the Fleet Page.
  • (Hauler Routine) - When servicing a single fleet member via fleet hangar the bot will now trigger an Inventory Management Check and move ore according to your configured settings.
  • When AstroBot encounters an unknown anomaly type it will now write that name to a resource file that can be used later by the user to assign the anomaly a type.
  • Indexes Page - Added an Unknown Anomaly Options section that allows the user to assign a type to any unknown anomalies that AstroBot comes across. User assigned types are stored in a custom file which is referenced first before the default file that is auto patched.
  • Changed how long the MainUI is displayed when the bot is first initialized to better match when it actually completes it's first initialization and is ready for use.
  • Changed the combat status box on the mini UI window to turn grey when the bot is not ready due to either initializing on startup or changing sessions (ie. docking). This takes into account the delay session setting on the Settings Page and can result in a much more accurate wait time after changing sessions.
  • Targets Page - Added a checkbox to enable moving into targeting range if you are too far away to acquire a target.
  • Targets Page - Added a checkbox to enable the Mining Foreman to manually assign targets for their miners. This will pop up a new window. Pilot names that are requesting a target will have their names placed in it. Select a pilot from this list and then select an asteroid target from the EVE overview window. Press the button to assign the target.
  • Settings Page - You can now disable the use of a navigation route. This means that you must move yourself/fleet between mining sites manually.

Intel Manager-2017.09.08,Version 1.003

  • If a pilot is detected as being less than 300km away, their distance to you will now be visible.
  • Changed the background colour of the listbox to black to contrast better with the text.
  • Added checkboxes that will filter out corporation members, alliance members and fleet members.

Control Panel

  • Added a few commands to make it easier to move your ships around.
  • Renamed a few commands. NOTE: This may break previously created buttons.

In Open Testing (Public Test Server)

In Closed Testing (Private Test Server)

ISXBJEVE - 2018.01.15, Patch # 20A

Astro Bot-2018.01.15,Version 1.025a

  • Corrected a bug with aliases and returning the real name. This may have caused issues with returning to a station.
  • Settings Page - You can now configure a specific ship to use with each profile. If the profile specific ship does not match your active ship, an audible beep will be heard and a warning message will be printed in the Innerspace console. This will not prevent you from running the profile.
  • Main Page (Mining) - Added an option to mine alone with the following options: Self, Fleet, Corporation, Alliance. Each option contains the previous one (ie. Self only contains self, fleet contains fleet members and self, corporation contains your corporation, fleet and self, etc.). When leaving a belt due to Mine Alone, it will not mark the belt as cleared.
  • Indexes Page - Added a listbox to make it easier to see which custom structures you have added and to more easily remove a custom structure by left click selecting it and then right clicking.
  • Corrected a bug with the hauling routine when the Pickup type is When Requested. The hauler will now properly update the current location of their first pickup pilot.

Released Versions

ISXBJEVE - 2018.01.08, Patch # 19 - (Current Version)

Astro Bot-2017.09.25,Version 1.024b

  • Inventory Changes
    • Extensive changes are underway for how AstroBot manages it's inventory space.
    • Inventory Management Checks will now move items that match the criteria in bulk. This significantly reduced the transfer time. For example, transferring 5 stacks of items saw it's time reduced from 29 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Inventory Page - Cargo Limits has been renamed to Active Cargo Holds and an Ignore Hold checkbox has been added as an option. If a cargo hold is to be ignored, it will not trigger a full cargo hold event.
      • All cargo holds must be added to the Active Cargo Holds listbox in order to be tracked.
      • All cargo holds that are being tracked will now be opened as individual windows. My suggestion is to pin them somewhere on your screen and resize them to be smaller.
      • You can now re-order the Item Management listbox.
      • Corrected a bug with Item Management (Source and Destination names). SORRY, but you have either need to remake your list or edit your profile to change Ship Cargo to Ship Cargo Hold.
    • Corrected a bug with division by zero when using the transfer from fleet hangar hauling mode.
    • Corrected a bug with the fleet hangar window not staying open when in a station.
  • Corrected a bug with populating the Selective - Focus Laser Options combobox.

Astro Bot-2018.01.01,Version 1.024c

  • Settings Page - The delay between transferring items (default = 2 deciseconds) can now be configured by the user.
  • If a slow down message box is displayed, the message will now be logged to the debug file and AstroBot will now close the window. This check is completed once every 5 seconds.
  • Inventory Page - Changed the Keep In Destination message to indicate that you can use -1 to transfer all of an item.
  • The jetcan rename textentry will now properly save and load with a profile.
  • Added additional debug information to the message when a Destination TypeID can't be found.
  • Greatly reduced the Active Task Debug spam by limiting I am a Miner and I am a Mining Foreman texts to once every 60 seconds.
  • When a target is out of module range, AstroBot will no longer give an error message and then attempt to use the module anyway.
  • When solo mining, AstroBot will correctly perform Inventory Management checks when in a station. This means it will correctly unload ore to station.
  • When solo mining, AstroBot will now correctly return to the previous asteroid belt after returning to station.
  • When an anomaly type is not located in the reference file, AstroBot will now log the anomaly information in the debug file.

Astro Bot-2018.01.05,Version 1.024d

  • Aliases Page
    • Description: Aliases are designed to make it easier to share profiles or use profiles on multiple pilots. Think of aliases are a substitution. Instead of using a pilot name in multiple spots, you could define an alias for the pilot name and use that alias anywhere you want.
    • Possible Alias Types:
      • Station Name - Any time you would normally select a station, you can now use an alias instead.
      • Pilot Name - Any place where you would normally select a pilot name, you can now use an alias instead.
  • Debug Page - Unchecking the write to file option will now clear the information stored in memory.
  • Removed Jetcan as an option for On Inventory Full until Amadeus can fix a bug with reading space container capacity.

Astro Bot-2018.01.07,Version 1.024e

  • Corrected a bug with Dock and Pause at the end of the navigation route. Everyone should now safely return to station.
  • Added a checkbox to the Admin Page to include sensitive data when performing a profile export. This is not recommended if you intend to share your profile with another person.
  • Corrected a bug with fleeing due to pilot standings. Standings have been split into 3 groupings: My (Personal) Standings, Corporation Standings and Alliance Standings. If enabled and the standing is below your threshold, it will trigger a flee. When checking a pilot's standing, it will check the pilot standing, the pilot's corporation standing and the pilot's alliance standing against whatever standing you have decided to enable. NOTE: Standings are based on the 5 point system (-10, -5, 0, +5, +10) that EVE uses for contacts.
  • Added additional debug information to the Inventory routine responsible for opening and obtaining the remaining cargo space for someone else's fleet hangar.
  • Added 2 new API commands: ImportProfile and LoadProfile
    • Both take 2 parameters (P1 = ForWho and P2 = Profile to Import-Load)
ISXBJEVE - 2017.09.10, Patch # 18U


  • Purpose: Take a sqlite database file and export the relevant information into xml format. ISXSQLite extension is required for this to function.
  • Command: BJ DataExport (All | Stations | Modules_All | Modules | Modules_Categorize | Asteroids | Items)
  • Args:
    • All - All information below is exported.
    • Stations - All station information exported.
    • Modules_All - All module information exported and then categorized
    • Modules - All module information exported, but not categorized.
    • Modules_Categorize - All module information that has previously been exported is categorized.
    • Asteroids - All asteroid information exported.
    • Items - All item information exported.

Mercurius Bot-2017.05.01,Version 1.000

  • Purpose: Places buy/sell orders in a station and will update buy/sell orders to keep them at the top of the search results.
  • Command: BJ MercuriusBot or BJ MBot
  • NOTE: Placing Sell Orders is temporarily disabled while Amadeus looks into fixing a bug with some stations.

ISXBJEVE Extension

  • Moved things around to prevent an error where the user wouldn't have patched the proper UI files in order to enter their username/password and accept the Terms of Service.

Astro Bot-2017.05.01,Version 1.003

  • Debug Commands:
    • _obTargets:SpewTargets[Me | MiningForeman]
    • _obTargets:SpewJetcanApproval
  • When leaving warp or undocking, AstroBot will now attempt to reconnect to lost drones.
  • Citadel Support
    • You can now add custom structures to any combobox that contains NPC stations. To add a custom structure you must be docked inside of it, navigate to the Indexes Page and press the 'Add' button under the Custom Structure Options.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing modules to not be recognized.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing AstroBot to not recognize it was InCombat.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented AstroBot from fleeing to citadels.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause AstroBot to ignore a full ore hold and remain on grid.
  • The combat target index will now be cleared when entering/leaving warp and entering/leaving a station.
  • Added more comprehensive debug information for the mining task.
  • Main Page - Mining - Filtered out compressed ore types from being added to the Selective - Focus Laser Options
  • Loot Page - Checkbox - Use Jetcan Permissions - When enabled, pilots will not touch (tractor/target/open) jetcans that do not belong to them unless the owner gives permission.
  • (Mining Role) AstroBot will now monitor the time an asteroid belt has been discovered as cleared. If a daily downtime hasn't occurred since the asteroid belt was discovered as cleared, it will skip that asteroid belt.
  • (Mining Role) Mining Foremans have been given more control over their miners. Miners will now ask their foremans what asteroid belt they should be mining in. Foremans will respond with their current belt based on the navigation route being used on the Navigation page.
  • (Mining Role) The mining foreman will now clear the assigned target list when entering warp.
  • (Mining Role) Fixed a bug that would cancel warp and approach an asteroid that was further than warp distance.
  • (Mining Role) The Mining Foreman will now re-assign a target to miner's who have not completely mined their targets.
  • NOTE: I am still working on making burst modules compatible with docking, reloading and using a warp gate. Until then, pay close attention if you are using these types of modules.

Astro Bot-2017.06.04,Version 1.004

  • Tweaked an issue with knowing if downtime has occurred since the last time a belt was completely stripped.
  • (Settings Page) Added the option to accept fleet invites (from anyone) and the option to decline fleet invites from unauthorized pilots.
    • You can add a pilot to the authorized list by using the BJ Login UI page.
  • (Settings Page) Enable Control Panel will no longer crash the bot if the file doesn't exist on the local computer.
  • (Modules Page) Drones are no longer automatically added to the available modules listbox. Instead, they are added to the listbox if they exist in your drone bay.
  • (Modules Page) Mining drone support has been added.
    • NOTE: While you can have both mining and combat drones in your drone bay, the primary activation conditions must be mutually exclusive (ie. combat drones used in combat only and mining drones used in non-combat only).
  • Hauling Task - Corrected a bug that would not recognize citadels that had been added to the custom structures list.
  • (Navigation Page) Corrected a bug that would crash AstroBot if you did not have a navigation route selected.
  • (Navigation Page) Cosmic Anomalies are now able to be selected from the list of available travel destinations.
  • AstroBot will now unlock all active targets when it is first loaded or targets that it did not lock.

EVE Data Dump Converter

  • Command Burst modules will now have the option to be activated as CombatOnly.

Astro Bot-2017.06.16,Version 1.005

  • Mining - You may now choose 1 target to approach at a user defined distance. This is useful if you want to get closer to an asteroid when using mining drones.
  • Mining - Added an additional drop-off option: NONE
    • This will do nothing when you reach your inventory full threshold.
  • Looting - You may now move in order to loot a container. There is a checkbox to disable moving when looting.
  • Combat - Corrected a bug that would prevent AstroBot from recognizing that all hostiles (in the combat queue) had been destroyed when the targets were added via a fleet member's call for help and you do not have a combat target configured.
  • Hauling - You can now select a pickup method of Cycle Navigation Route.
    • This pickup method will utilize a navigation route and check for jetcans that can be looted to be present. When no lootable jetcans are available on the grid, it will warp to the next destination in the navigation route.
  • Jetcan Permissions will now automatically approve a jetcan 20 seconds after the first request for permission. This should correct the bug where a miner will not recognize a jetcan as their own.
  • Opening a jetcan in order to transfer ore to it will now timeout after 5 seconds.

Astro Bot-2017.06.24,Version 1.006

  • Mining Page - You can now choose to give your jetcan a unique name each time it is created.
  • Modules Page - Added an additional page to provide space for more module related options.
    • Modules Page 2 - This page can be used to assign a specific ammo to a specific module. AstroBot will use this assigned information when reloading modules.
  • Modules Page - Colour coded the assigned modules in order to be able to double click an assigned module to disable it in AstroBot. Green = AlwaysOn, Yellow = NonCombatOnly, Red = CombatOnly, Grey = Disabled
  • Modules - AstroBot now knows how to handle modules that will prevent you from docking or using a stargate while active. It will deactivate these modules and prevent them from being activated while docking or using autopilot to warp through a stargate.
  • Modules - AstroBot will now automatically turn off auto-repeat and auto-reload when started. This option is necessary to ensure that AstroBot knows when you need to reload.
  • Modules - AstroBot can now reload modules with a specific type of ammo that has been assigned on Modules Page 2.
  • Inventory - AstroBot will now compare the total volume of an item to the remaining space of the destination cargo hold before transferring an item.


  • Large update to how it exports module information. It is now much more efficient and less time intensive.
  • Expanded the information available to modules to better support command burst modules.
    • You MUST re-export the modules information for this to take effect.

Astro Bot-2017.06.25,Version 1.007

  • Corrected a bug with monitoring a modules ammo and skipping the module if it was not being monitored.

Astro Bot-2017.07.04,Version 1.008

  • Hauling Role
    • Added a new pickup option: When Requested (Fleet Hangar). This option will wait in a station until a miner requests a pickup. The hauler will undock and navigate to the miner. When on grid with the miner, the hauler will slowboat to within 2500m. Once the hauler is within range, the miner will open the hauler's fleet hangar and transfer it's ore. If enabled, when the hauler runs out of requests for pickup it will either stay on grid or return to the drop off destination.
    • For safety reasons, when the hauler has run out of requests for pickup and there are no fleet members on grid, it will return to the drop off destination.
  • Mining Role
    • Added a new On Inventory Full option: Request Transfer to Fleet Hangar. See the hauler notes above for When Requested (Fleet Hangar) for how this option functions.
      • Added the option to move to the fleet hangar owner when they are on grid with you.
    • Reduced the timeout period for waiting for a full inventory from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
    • Miners should begin to approach their mining target much faster than previously if the approach target option is enabled.
    • Added the option to use mining crystals instead of just assuming that you want to use mining crystals.
    • Added all losec and nullsec asteroid types to the reference list for mining crystals. AstroBot should now support mining crystal use in losec and nullsec.
    • Added the option to short cycle mining lasers around halfway through their cycle time.
  • Attempted to optimize each of the support scripts to improve frames per second (FPS). So far, I have seen an increase of about 10-15 FPS per session. I will continue to optimize the code with each update until I am happy with the amount of FPS loss.
  • AstroBot will no longer attempt to reconnect to lost drones if the ship does not have a drone bay.
  • AstroBot will now shut down if you are in space and in a capsule. This should prevent it from trying to continue to function if you lose your ship. An error message will be sent to the console and the debug critical error log file.
  • AstroBot will now shut down when the server comes down or if you lose connection to the server. An error message will be sent to the console and the debug critical error log file.
  • AstroBot will now warp directly to a fleet member when possible (e.g. It is warping to a destination to meet up with a fleet member.). General warping will continue to function as it always has.

Mercurius Bot-2017.07.04,Version 1.001

  • Amadeus has fixed the bug related to placing sell orders!

Astro Bot-2017.07.04,Version 1.009

  • Fixed a UI display bug that had some mining options overlapping each other.
  • Correctly added the miner request pickup (Fleet Hangar) option.

Astro Bot-2017.07.05,Version 1.010

  • Continued code optimization to reduce the amount of FPS loss.
    • When undocking, I am getting 25 FPS higher after the first 5 seconds. Previously, it would take up to 90 seconds before the FPS would jump.
  • When accepting a fleet invite, AstroBot will now automatically minimize the fleet window.
  • Miner Pausing Bug - FIXED! When using a mining foreman, miner's will no longer use their navigation route list length to determine when they should pause the bot due to finishing their list.
  • Hauler Flying Off Into Space After Undock Bug - FIXED! Haulers should no longer fly longingly into space after undocking, ignoring everything. The wait for approach to complete is now toggled off when you enter/leave warp, dock/undock and at the start of processing a new pilot for when requested pickup.

Astro Bot-2017.07.06,Version 1.011

  • Mining Role - When a mining foreman is also a miner, they will no longer assign themselves the same target as another miner.
  • Mining Role - Mining foremen who are also miners will now include themselves in the number of miners count.
  • EVE Game Bug: Fleet Hangar Size Work Around - When accessing another pilot's fleet hangar, AstroBot will ask the fleet hangar owner how much capacity they have remaining.
  • Inventory - When transferring items, AstroBot will now calculate and reduce the quantity of a stack when required in order to meet the remaining capacity of the destination container.
  • Settings Page - Added an option to return to a specific station or citadel within a variable time before server downtime.
  • Admin Page 2 - Added an easier way to add pilots/characters to your authorized list.

Astro Bot-2017.07.09,Version 1.012

  • Corrected a bug that would not dock up correctly when server downtime was approaching.
  • Mining Foremen will now direct their miners where to navigate to by sharing their own navigation information instead of iterating through the navigation route. This should keep everyone together more reliably.
  • Inventory - When transferring quantities of items that are less than a full stack due to the destination container not having enough space for a full stack, AstroBot will reduce the quantity by 5 to ensure that it successfully transfers the item.
  • Flee - Every time AstroBot flees it will now log the reason why to the debug file.
  • Flee - AstroBot is now more specific in the console and log file as to why it is fleeing, including the listing of any pilot names.
  • Flee - The Non-Whitelist and Ship Group counters will now reset properly after resuming.
  • Navigation - When the navigation route is complete, you can now choose from the following actions to take:
    • Dock and Pause - Will dock at the designated station and then pause AstroBot.
    • Loop Route - This will loop the navigation route and start from the top.
    • Pause Bot - This will pause AstroBot.
    • Shut Down Game - This will shut down EVE.
  • Another sweep of the code to optimize for FPS. I'm seeing a jump between 10-20 FPS this time. Most sessions are now running between 20-30 when in the foreground and around 15 when in the background.


  • Updated the information that is exported for Items in preparation for more advanced inventory management.

Astro Bot-2017.08.18,Version 1.013

  • AstroBot will now recall drones before warping to station prior to server downtime.
  • Corrected a bug with Item Hangars inside of citadels.
  • Added additional debug information when AstroBot fails to correctly identify an Anom Site. The site name will be sent to the console.
    • Anom Sites that error will no longer be added to the Available Navigation Destinations listbox.
  • Loot Page - You can now elect to abandon wrecks.
  • Mining Page - You can now configure the scan distance when looking for asteroids. Default = 150km
  • Changed the written debug file to make a new file for each day. Also, added the current FPS to each debug log entry.
  • AstroBot will now skip assigning a target if it is further than your ship's max target range.
  • Corrected a bug that would prevent AstroBot from recognizing an authorized pilot when accepting fleet invites. -- Thanks Cade!
  • Tweaked how AstroBot detects entering and leaving a station. This should reduce the amount of errors that ISXEVE gives about being in a station and entity use.
  • Corrected a bug that would prevent AstroBot from correctly saving and loading the cycle delays fro targeting and modules on the Settings Page.
  • Mining Target Selection - Astro Bot will now sort and store all asteroid targets once when it arrives on grid instead of sorting asteroid targets every time it needed to assign a new target. This stored information is cleared when Astro Bot enters warp.
  • Mining Page - Removed @Self from the available options for My Mining Foreman is combobox.
  • Mining Page - Mining Foreman Selection Target Selection will now hide if a Task Role of Mining Foreman is enabled.
  • Settings Page - You can now set a delay in deciseconds for how long to wait until continuing to process commands after a session change (docking/undocking). This will vary from computer to computer. If you are seeing AstroBot processing commands when you are not fully loaded into space or a station, increase the value here. (10 deciseconds = 1 second)
  • Modules - AstroBot will no longer attempt to activate assigned modules that do not match what is currently equipped in the assigned slot.
  • Inventory Page - Inventory Management has begun! You can now select what to move, from where, to where and how many to keep stocked on board.
    • When selecting how much to keep in the destination the following entries are valid:
      • Keep All = -1
      • Keep None = 0
      • Keep Any # = #
  • Control Panel:
    • Description: A dynamic control panel that can be resized and fully customized. It reads from two lists of commands (default and custom). This can be used to control multiple sessions at one time.

Astro Bot-2017.08.20,Version 1.014

  • Control Panel - Added a red box around the page buttons to differentiate them from the other static buttons.
  • Inventory Page - Added Ship Drone Bay to the possible options for Source and Destination.
  • Inventory Page - Temporarily removed Request Delivery from the Space Other's Fleet Hangar options.
  • Navigation Page - When your active task is set to mining and you have selected to receive targets and navigation from a mining foreman, you will no longer be able to select a navigation route. A message explaining this will be visible instead.
  • Main Page - When your active task is set to mining and you have selected to acquire targets yourself by strip mining, you will no longer be able to configure Selective - Focus Lasers options.
  • Main Page - Asteroid Scan Range will now properly save and load.
  • Astro Bot will now properly unload itself when the BJ End AstroBot command is used.
  • Corrected a bug that would prevent Intel Manager and Control Panel scripts from loading correctly.
  • Settings Page - The Delay Session Change text entry will now properly save and load.
  • Debug Page - Looting Information and Write To File will now properly save and load.

ISXBJEVE Extension

  • Properly created the Asteroid Belt Availability Information folder.

Astro Bot-2017.08.20,Version 1.015

  • Greatly re-worked how item transfers are handled. It should now function a lot smoother.

Astro Bot-2017.08.21,Version 1.016

  • Added debugging options for Inventory.
  • Updated the hauler routine with better debugging of it's active task.
  • Corrected a bug with docking timing out and it's attempt to dock again (a bad parameter was being passed on the subsequent try).
  • Corrected a bug with transferring items. Volume will now be calculated to the nearest hundredth instead of being rounded to the nearest whole number.

Astro Bot-2017.08.31,Version 1.017

  • Flee conditions will now check if the flee condition still exists, before resuming normal behavior.
  • If the person who triggers a fleet flee has selected a flee duration of ByTimer, they will now force all others to use their timer.
  • Mining Foremen will now do an inventory management check before undocking.
  • Control Panel - Added a Flee command to the list of available commands.
  • Navigation - Tweaked how often AstroBot will attempt to approach something. This should make approaching and stopping more reliable.
  • Fleet Page - You can now select to warp your fleet when possible if you are the Fleet Commander, Wing Commander or Squad Commander.

Astro Bot-2017.09.03,Version 1.018

  • Flee Page - Removed the checkbox for triggering a fleet flee.
  • Fleet Page - Added a checkboxes to broadcast a fleet flee and to receive a fleet flee.
  • Fleet Page - The Use Fleet Warp checkbox will now correctly save with the profile.
  • Combat Page - Added a checkbox to set combat drones to guard when assisting a fleet member with hostile targets.
  • All Asteroid, Module, Cosmic Anomaly and Structure Reference Information is now cached at start up.
  • Added a new page: OnLoad
    • This page will execute commands after AstroBot has finished initializing.

Intel Manager-2017.09.03,Version 1.001

  • You can now resize the window by left clicking dragging the edges. The window cannot be resized less than 500px width and 200px height.

Astro Bot-2017.09.08,Version 1.019

  • Reduced the the wait period for requesting a target from a mining foreman from 60 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • You can now select to use a survey scanner with either strip mining or selective mining.
  • Completely re-wrote how asteroids are selected.
    • All asteroids are cached after warp completes and you are on the proper asteroid belt grid.
    • If you have selected to selectively mine, it will automatically remove any asteroids that are not on your list from the asteroid cache.
    • If you have selected to use a survey scanner, it will automatically sort the asteroids in the cache from greatest to least quantity.
    • If you have NOT selected to use a survey scanner, it will automatically sort the asteroids from closest to furthest based on the first asteroid in the cache.
  • Main Page - The Asteroid Scan Range will now function correctly. Any asteroids that would normally meet the defined criteria, but are out of range will be ignored.

Intel Manager-2017.09.08,Version 1.002

  • Changed the minimum width from 500px to 250px.

Astro Bot-2017.09.09,Version 1.020

  • When mining selectively, you will now properly follow your configured list of asteroid types from the top down.
  • Mining Foreman - When mining selectively, will now continue to find a target for their current miner if the target type doesn't exist on grid. (IE. You want veldspar followed by scordite for User01, but there isn't any veldspar on grid. It will increase the selective listbox counter and try to find scordite for User01 instead. Previously, it would just increase the listbox counter and the forget about User01 until they requested a target again.)

Astro Bot-2017.09.10,Version 1.021

  • Should no longer trigger a flee if any of the ship health checks return NULL.
  • Drone Guarding MIGHT work better....
  • Will no longer spam abandon wrecks.
  • Combat targeting has been rewritten to be behave more like the mining targeting. This should fix a bug where it would spam that it couldn't assign a NULL target to a specific target. It should also allow it to recognize that if there are multiple attackers it is in combat until all attackers have been destroyed (previously, it would think it wasn't in combat for a brief amount of time between attacker destructions).
  • It should now manage it's target list cleanup and locking targets more efficiently (this is a behind the scenes change and shouldn't be noticeable by the user).

Astro Bot-2017.09.11,Version 1.022

  • When a fleet warp command is issued, pilots that are not the pilot giving the command will no longer be able to issue navigation commands until warp is complete as long as they are on the same grid as the pilot who issued the command.
  • AstroBot should no longer get itself into a loop of being unable to assign a NULL target because it is already assigned to another target.

Control Panel Commands

  • Added a new command to change the state of any checkbox in AstroBot.

Astro Bot-2017.09.13,Version 1.023

  • Mining Page - You can now select to save your Asteroid Belt Cleared information to your selected Navigation Route instead of the global save file. By default it will still save to the global file.
  • Navigation - You should now Dock & Pause MUCH more reliably than before.

ISXBJEVE - 2016.10.10, Patch # 17

Astro Bot-2016.10.10,Version 1.002

  • Main Page - Hauling has been added as an Active Task. Options and support for this Active Task will be limited to start, but I hope to build it up as time permits.
    • Only Single Fleet Member Pickup, Transfer From Fleet Hangars and Drop Off at a Destination work.
  • Modules Page - Removed the test checkbox for Russian Client Mode. It is now located on the Settings Page.
  • Settings Page - Added a checkbox to enable Russian Client Mode. When enabled this will remove the asterisks that is added to the end of the module names.
    • This settings should make Astro Bot compatible with the Russian Client.
  • Loot Page - Loot Delay should now properly save with the profile.
  • After the Flee Timer has expired, the bot should now properly return to it's asteroid belt.
  • Corrected a bug with Selective Mining that would not reset the list when it reached the bottom of the list.
    • It will now loop back to the top of the list.
ISXBJEVE - 2016.06.26, Patch # 16

Astro Bot-2016.09.26,Version 1.001

  • Modules - Primary Activate Conditions (CombatOnly and NonCombatOnly) will now function.
  • Admin Page - Added a profile export method that will export your selected profile to a specific folder and will clear out any station or player names from the profile. This option should aid in the quick sharing of profiles.
  • Admin Page - Added a profile import method that will import a previously exported profile and add it to your own character profile.
  • Admin Page - Added the option to include the ship type and equipped modules when exporting a profile. Likewise, when you select a profile to import, it will display to you what ship and module that profile was designed for.
  • Added additional debug information to the opening of the inventory window when in a station.
ISXBJEVE - 2016.05.30, Patch # 15 BETA

Astro Bot-2016.05.30,Version 0.021 BETA

  • Main Page
    • A new active task option has been added: Mining
      • You must set how you want your ore to be delivered (ie. Return to Station or Jetcan), how you wish to approach asteroids and what distance to stop approaching your target.
  • Loot Page
    • Changed the Cargo Hold and Ore Cargo Hold limits to percentages instead of straight values. This should make it easier when switching between ships and Astro Bot profiles.
  • Flee Conditions and Routines
    • Corrected a bug that would prevent you from safely warping away when a flee condition was met.
ISXBJEVE - 2016.03.31, Patch # 14 BETA

ISXBJEVE Extension

  • ISXBJEVE is now ISXDK35 compliant!
    • If you patched ISXBJEVE between April 1, 2016 and whenever Lax pushes ISXDK35 from development to live you will not need to do anything. However, if you have not patched during that time you will be forced to manually download ISXBJEVE.dll again.
ISXBJEVE - 2015.12.01, Patch # 13 ALPHA

Astro Bot-2015.12.01,Version 0.020 ALPHA

  • Flee Conditions and Routine
    • The flee routine has been moved to it's own object.
    • Fixed a bug with pilot standing and pilot security. I was confusing pilot security with pilot standing to me. Pilot security will now properly be the pilot's security standing to the region of space they are in and pilot standing will now properly be the pilot's standing to your character, your corporation and your alliance.
    • Added an additional check to ship health. It will now check your ship's capacitor percentage if enabled.
    • The Flee To combobox has had it's options changed. You may now choose from the following options:
      • @Nearest_SafeSpot - Scans through your personal bookmarks and checks the distances of all safe spots that contain your safe spot prefix from the bookmarks page. It will select the nearest bookmark that is further than 150km away.
      • @Nearest_Station - Scans through the available station entities and docks at the nearest one.
      • Personal Bookmarks that contain your Safe Spot Prefix. If the bookmark type is a station, it will dock up.
  • Whitelist Page
    • Whitelist Page Description: You can whitelist pilots, corporations and alliances. Astro Bot will ignore (flee conditions) pilots who match an entry on the whitelist.
    • There are two whitelists. A globally saved list that is shared by all pilots on that computer and a Personal Whitelist that is saved per character.
    • Characters listed in your CharacterInformation.xml will be automatically added to the Global Whitelist as pilots.
  • Bookmarks Page
    • Auto Generated Bookmarks - These are created by Astro Bot using the corresponding prefix when warping away. They are to be used for easy travelling back to your position. When Astro Bot uses these bookmarks they will be deleted. Any auto generated bookmarks remaining at bot shutdown will be deleted the next time you load Astro Bot.
      • Task Related - Any time Astro Bot leaves the current grid to return to a station, it will create a bookmark. Examples: Mining when returning to drop off your cargo.
      • Flee - When fleeing it will create a bookmark to return to.
      • Loot - If your cargo is full and it needs to return to a station to unload, it will create a bookmark to return to.
      • Salvage
  • Mission names when checking for accepted missions will now have illegal characters removed properly.
  • Removed the Settings page for now.
  • Relocated the following check boxes from the Settings Page to the Combat Page: Reload Ammo During Warp, Reload Ammo Out of Combat, Recall Drones Out of Combat
  • Relocated the following check boxes from the Settings Page to the Flee Page: Enable Fleeing
  • Relocated the following check boxes from the Settings Page to the Loot Page: Enable Looting
  • Navigation Page
    • Personal Bookmarks with your prefix for Cosmic Signatures will now be added to the Available Navigation Destinations.
  • Key Maps Page
    • This page is for those of you that don't use a USA keyboard. You can choose the US key you want to map to a different key. Example: You can remap 'Enter' to 'Return'.
ISXBJEVE - 2015.11.09, Patch # 12 ALPHA

Astro Bot-2015.11.09,Version 0.019 ALPHA

  • Target Page
    • @NextCombatTarget will now use the Target Priority selection to decide which combat target to pursue.
      • ByDis_Closest - Will activate modules on the closest locked target that meets the activation requirements.
      • ByDis_Furthest - Will activate modules on the furthest locked target that meets the activation requirements.
  • Looting
    • While looting, it will now check your modules and their activation conditions.
    • Should now leave the loot routine if you come under attack or uncheck looting.
  • Missions
    • If you do not have ANY mission types selected, it will now pause the bot instead of declining the missions.
    • Will now correctly track the declining of missions using the timer available on the briefing window.
    • Astro Bot now knows how to converse with Locator Agents and will ask to View Missions before Requesting, Accepting, Declining, Delaying or Completing a mission.
  • Modules
    • Primary Activation Condition - .IsReady
      • Now includes a check for your ship being cloaked.
      • Cloaking Modules ONLY - Will now scan for entities that are closer than 2000m. If the number is greater than 1, it will return .IsReady = FALSE
ISXBJEVE - 2015.11.05, Patch # 11 ALPHA

Astro Bot-2015.11.05,Version 0.018 ALPHA

  • Missions with illegal file name characters will now have their names altered in order to make them Windows file name compliant.
  • Corrected a bug with the .IsBeingJammed check. It should now correctly report if you are being target jammed.
  • Corrected a bug with saving mission steps and overwriting existing steps.
  • Until ISXEVE supports reading the left pane of the agent conversation window, you must have the warning popup box for declining a second mission within 4 hours in order for the bot delay the mission and move on to the next agent.
  • Updated how locking of targets works. It should now lock targets much faster.
  • Greatly updated the Entity_Information resource file. I think I was able to get all NPC ships added.

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