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Welcome to BJ Scripts Wiki

Welcome to BJ Scripts! Founded in 2012, BJ Scripts is an independent automation software developer, specializing in reducing the amount of time spent performing tedious tasks in MMOs. I provide automation software for repetitive gaming tasks to relieve user boredom. Your time is valuable and you play video games to relax, but how relaxing is it when you need to spend hours doing menial and mind numbing tasks just to get your character ready to play? That's where my software comes in...

My software is designed to assist you in performing tedious tasks in game that can consume large amounts of your play time. I believe that gaming should be fun, but unfortunately MMO developers insist on adding time sinks and tedium into games to slow down the consumption of content. My first paid for script, or Prestige Script, helps to alleviate just that. BJ Inventory strives to be the best of all logistics scripts. It greatly reduces the time it takes to manage multiple characters' inventories by consolidating wanted items to one character, selling useless junk to NPC merchants, placing items you want to sell onto the broker and pricing accordingly, and buying items from the broker for user defined prices. My second Prestige Script, Quest Bot, will run solo quests, solo instances and heroic instances by following a predetermined list of actions. It is not designed for afk gameplay, but to assist you with your character grind while you do other things near the computer.


See all of the products available for purchase by following this link!

Revision History

Want to keep up with the latest changes? I do my best to keep detailed patch notes so that you know exactly what has been changed and added. ISXBJ for EverQuest 2 patch notes can be located here and ISXBJEQ for EverQuest Live patch notes can be located here.


ISXBJ for EverQuest II

Prestige Scripts - Paid subscription required for each.

  • Inventory - Buys and sells items on the broker. Sells items to the NPC merchant. Destroys unwanted items. Trades between PC characters. Will send out the Guild Hirelings, Pack Pony and Gathering Goblin to retrieve harvestables on multiple accounts and guild halls. Deposits items into all guild depots.
  • Quest Bot - Automatically completes quests, advanced solo instances and heroic instances.

Other BJ Scripts - Free with any Prestige Script subscription.

  • Movement (OgreBot Required) - Special combat coding to assist in killing Named NPC targets.
  • Player Scanner - Shows all Player Characters within a 300 meter radius and displays the information to the screen.
  • Shuffle - Spreads all characters out so that they are not standing in a "bot stack".
  • AFK - Prevents you from being kicked to character select for being idle more than 30 minutes in an instance.
  • Consumable Manager - Controls the auto-consumption of food, drink and potions to limit the amount of "waste" while afk. Allows for easy swapping of mounts from the command line or OgreMCP.
  • Tears of Veeshan Mission Grabber - Will acquire any ToV expansion missions based on the user's input.
  • Quest Share - Stores quests as you receive them along with the zone they are intended to be completed in. Will then share with the group when you enter the appropriate zone and all of your group is in range.