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Helping Margie Odell


Shawn's mother, Margie Odell, passed away January 7th, 2017 from lung cancer that had metastasized.  She left several final expenses that his family is having trouble paying and the cost of her burial. Her family would greatly appreciate every donation they receive to help put their mother and wife to rest.

Shawn was instrumental in the testing of ISXBJ from behind the scenes and I encourage you to help him pay for his mother's burial if you are able to.

Donations can be made by following the link:  YouCaring - Margie Odell

ISXBJ - 2017.01.18, Patch # 147

Quest Bot - 2017.01.18, Version 3.00CC BETA

  • If the Quest_Journal_Info quest is not found in your journal it will bypass a Check step.
  • Automatic adding of navigation points has had it's default precision increased from 3 to 5. Precision can no longer be set below 1m.
  • Flight and ground navigation should be improved compared to the previous patch. It should more reliably stop when it is supposed to. This is still a work in progress.
  • The Freeport City Timeline has been added to the patcher. This includes 38 quests that will run the majority of the questline for you. There are a few quests that still must be done manually, but it will tell you when that is needed. Thanks to anonymous for spending 2 weeks making it. Any problems with this questline should be addressed in IRC.

BJ Loot Manager - 2017.01.18, Version 1.08

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent items located in FFA or Leader Only loot windows from correctly looting.

BJ Inventory - 2017.01.18, Version 1.65

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from doing anything with specific items. This was related to the ISXEQ2 item datatype update.

ISXBJ - 2017.01.15, Patch # 146

Quest Bot - 2017.01.15, Version 3.00BB BETA

  • Settings Page - Added a Loot Corpses/Chests checkbox that must be enabled in order for Quest Bot to enter the loot routine.
  • Settings Page - Added checkboxes to force OgreBot to enable/disable the following features: Broadcast tells through uplink, Receive tells from uplink and Play annoying noice when receiving broadcast tells from uplink.
    • The default QuestBot profile has all 3 of these OgreBot settings enabled.
  • Corrected yet another bug related to navigation that would skip nav points under certain conditions.

ISXBJ - 2017.01.15, Patch # 145

Quest Bot - 2017.01.15, Version 3.00AA BETA

  • Corrected a bug introduced with flying that would frame lock the session while on a navigation step.
  • Discovered a game/ISXEQ2 bug with how the game detects collision and the ground.
    • Re-worked how the flying and ground navigation functions and decides whether to fly or not.
    • Default navigation type is now ground navigation.
    • If you created a flight navigation with Patch # 144 you will need to re-create it.
    • Sorry!

ISXBJ - 2017.01.14, Patch # 144

Quest Bot - 2017.01.14, Version 3.00Z BETA

  • Flight Navigation has been re-added to Quest Bot with major functionality improvements.
    • Quest Bot is able to switch between land and air navigation based on where the next navigation point is located. If the next navigation point is more than 5m above land, it will attempt to fly.
      • 1) Don't use your mouse to turn or change your altitude.
      • 2) Use auto run as your way of moving instead of pressing/holding your forward key.
      • 3) Use your fly up/down keys to change your altitude.
      • 4) Use lots of space between navigation points and don't make any sudden direction changes.
      • NOTE: Following the above tips will aid in the most natural looking flight that is possible.

ISXBJ - 2017.01.14, Patch # 143

Quest Bot - 2017.01.14, Version 3.00Y BETA

  • The Add Task Step and Edit Selected Step buttons on the main UI will now function differently.
    • Add Task Step Button - Will launch the Add Task Window with Add Step buttons.
    • Edit Selected Task Button - Will launch the Add Task Window with Edit Step buttons.
  • Colour coded and bolded the text on the Add Task Step, Edit Selected Step, Duplicate Task Step, Add/Edit and Close, Add/Edit and New and Close buttons to be easier to read.
  • Added the last saved path to the UI for Point to Point Navigation.
  • Added a Test Task Steps routine to the Create Mode.
    • You can set a Task Step Number for where to Start and Stop testing.
    • NOTE: This is actually loading the task in Run Mode behind the scenes.

ISXBJ - 2017.01.12, Patch # 142

Quest Bot - 2017.01.12, Version 3.00X BETA

  • Added the following commands to Quest Bot:
    • QuestBot: Actor_DoubleClick
      • Description: Double clicks an actor based on search criteria.
      • Parameter 1 = ForWho
      • Parameters 2 - 15 = Actor search parameters. (Ex. P2 = Distance, P3 = 20)
      • NOTE: Must be an even number of parameters. The pattern is query parameter followed by the query parameter value.
  • Added an Edit Button to the Creator Mode UI.
    • To edit a Task Step, you must first select it. If you deselect it at any time, the buttons will revert back to adding new steps to the bottom.

BJ Zone Information - 2017.01.12, Version 1.05

  • Corrected a bug that prevented Quest Bot from properly zoning out of solo instances.

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