ISXBJEVE - 2015.10.23, Patch # 8 ALPHA

Astro Bot-2015.10.23,Version 0.013 ALPHA

  • Defaults have been added for most Mission Actions.
  • Mission Steps have had their descriptor lengths reduced. C = Command and P = Parameter
  • AstroBot will now disable the auto reloading of ammo.
  • AstroBot will now manage your ammo reloading. If you run out of charges during combat, it will reload your ammo and skip the module until reloading is complete.
  • AstroBot will now reload your ammo if you are not in combat and your ammo percentage is less than your set percentage.
  • AstroBot will now display a message in the console with the name of the profile it is loading.
  • AstroBot will now allow you to delete a specific profile from your character profile.
  • Drones should really no longer deploy when undocking from a station. (I promise!)
  • Added a checkbox to the settings page to enable the recalling of drones when you are out of combat.
  • Module Targets: Added a new type: @NextCombatTarget. This will scan through your Target Assignment List on the Targets Page looking for targets that have been assigned a target type of Combat. It then checks to see if that target has been set and the entity still exists in space.
  • Ratting Task: Added a user defined timeout to wait for rats to appear after warping to a grid.
  • Ratting Task: Added anomaly support. If it is enabled, it will scan for anomalies after the timeout waiting period has ended. Anomalies are added to an ignore list when you leave them.
  • Ratting Task: Added a difficulty range for anomalies. If an anomaly is outside of your set difficulty range, it will be ignored.
  • Corrected a bug with the UI freezing when running missions.
  • Corrected a bug with setting your Optimal Range slider on the Combat Page when Astro Bot is loaded in a station. It will now correctly set the default or profile values when it finishes undocking.
  • Added your drone control range to the calculations used to determine your Lowest Optimal and Maximum Optimal ranges for the Combat Approach Range.
  • It will now cycle a modules check when the Leaving Dock and Exiting Warp events are fired
  • All mission related stations and their type IDs should now be located in Mission_Reference_Information.xml. (Huge thanks to primalz, leute and CyberTech for collecting this information!)
  • Modules: Added Velocity Percent as an Additional Activate condition.

ISXBJEVE - 2015.10.19, Patch # 6 ALPHA

Astro Bot-2015.10.19,Version 0.008 ALPHA

  • Within Range check will now use your drone control value for drones.
  • Modules that are set to a Target of @Self will now use the active target distance for the Target Distance secondary activation condition.
  • Mission Action TravelToBookmark will now initiate warp/dock if the destination bookmark type is a station.
  • The UI should no longer hang while running missions.
  • All Mission Step Actions have had their parameters, descriptions and an example added to the in-game window.
  • Removed the Add_NPC_Rat mission action because it was no longer needed.
  • The Parameters - Manual button will no longer crash Astro Bot. Instead, it will add whatever is typed in the textentry box below it to the parameters listbox.
  • Removed Mining and Hauling from the Active Task combobox. These tasks will return once I am able to switch their target acquisition and module activation over to the new system that was developed for combat.
  • Mission Action: Corrected a bug (hopefully) with reliably using the Gate_Activate action.
  • Passive modules will now be filtered out of the Currently Equipped Modules listbox using the module export.
  • Added the following Mission Actions:
    • Transfer_Cargo
      • (string) Item Name
      • (int) Item Quantity
      • (string) Transfer from Location
      • (string) Transfer to Location
      • Description: Will transfer the desired quantity of specific item from one location to another.
    • RemoteCompleteMission
    • Description: Starts a conversation with your active mission's agent and will complete the mission. (NOTE: This is only to be used for missions that require remote completion. You must still navigate back to the agent to complete the AstroBot Mission Task.

ISXBJEVE - 2015.10.16, Patch # 5 ALPHA

Astro Bot-2015.10.16,Version 0.006 ALPHA

  • AstroBotIndexer will no longer add targets to the Combat Target Queue if AstroBot is paused.
  • Added the calculating of your lowest optimal range for missile launchers.
  • Astro Bot will now make use of the Module_Information.xml (Master List) reference list. This file stores information about the modules that are used by the bot, as well as, the Activation Condition Key List. This means that modules are no longer hardcoded. (This file will continue to be updated and overwritten for the duration of alpha/beta. When Astro Bot goes live, it will be switched to only be downloaded if the file doesn't exist.)
  • Module Export
    • Astro Bot must now be running to run the module export script.
    • Additional Parameters have been added:
      • Parameter 1: (string) -Debug
      • Parameter 2: (bool) FullExport (TRUE or FALSE)
    • The additional parameters can be used for the Debug Version of the script to compare module names to those on the Master List and ignore the module if it exists on the Master List. This will make sending me debug information much smaller and easier to manage.
  • Modules Update
    • Changed the text on the first combobox from Type to Activate Condition to better convey what it does.
    • Activate Conditions:
      • AlwaysOn - Module will always be active.
      • Combat - Module will only be active when you are under attack or about to attack something. Module will terminate when not in combat.
      • Non-Combat - Module will only be active when you are not under attack. Module will terminate when in combat.
    • Added Additional Activation Conditions:
      • Capacitor Percent - If your remaining capacitor percentage is less than, greater than or equal to the set range, the module will be activated. The module will terminate when the capacitor percentage is not within the set range.
      • Distance to Active Target - If your distance to your active target is less than, greater than or equal to the set range, the module will be activated. The module will terminate when the distance range is not within the set range.
      • My Shield Percent - If your shield percentage is less than, greater than or equal to the set range, the module will be activated. The module will terminate when your shield percentage is not within the set range.
      • My Armor Percent - If your armor percentage is less than, greater than or equal to the set range, the module will be activated. The module will terminate when your armor percentage is not within the set range.
      • Additional Activation Conditions are all ranges. You do not need to use all of them for every module. You do not need to use both sides of the range.
        • Example: Shield Booster
          • Activate Condition: AlwaysOn
          • Target: @Self
          • Capacitor Percentage: Less than or equal to is left blank. Greater than or equal to 10.
          • Distance to Target: Left blank.
          • Shield Percentage: Less than or equal to 80. Greater than or equal is left blank.
          • Armor Percentage: Left blank.
          • This will activate the Shield Booster when your capacitor is greater than or equal to 10% and your shield percentage is less than or equal to 80%. If those conditions are not met, it will deactivate the shield booster.
EVE ModuleOptions.PNG
  • AstroBot will no longer reload ammo during warp by default. A checkbox has been added to the Settings Page that must be enabled for this behavior to continue.
  • Missions Page
    • Create Missions Page
      • Added a Clear Mission Info button. It will blank out all mission information.
    • There is now a random 1-5 second wait between mission steps.
  • Added the following roles to the Active Task combobox on the Main Page:
    • Escort
    • Ratting
  • Removed the following roles from the Combat Task combobox on the Combat Page:
    • Escort
    • Ratting

Astro Bot-2015.10.16,Version 0.007 ALPHA

  • Greatly consolidated the Active Task Pages.
    • Moved the following Task Pages to the Main Page: Escort, Mining, Missions and Ratting.
    • The current selected task will have all of it's specific options shown on the Main Page.
    • Moved the CargoHold information to the Loot Page.
    • Combat is no longer an Active Task. Instead, many combat related options will be shown on the Combat Page.
  • Removed some DEV Debug spam that was accidentally left in for modules.
  • Corrected a bug with displaying the correct name of Drones: Combat.
  • Corrected a bug with the Secondary Activate Conditions that used Capacitor %.

ISXBJEVE - 2015.10.14, Patch # 4 ALPHA

Astro Bot-2015.10.14,Version 0.005 ALPHA

  • Navigation Page
    • Navigation Routes can now be looped.
    • Available Navigation Destinations now provides the Solar System ID where that destination resides. It will use this information to set an autopilot route if you are not in the correct solar system. When you arrive in the proper solar system, it will then warp to your Navigation Destination like it would previous to Patch # 4. All Navigation Routes created before Patch # 4 will need to be created again.
  • Changed the onDockUnDock event. It will now know the difference between docking and undocking.
  • Changed the onWarp event. It will now trigger the onWarp Leave condition when leaving Stargate warp. I haven't found a good way yet to trigger the onWarp Enter condition when starting to Stargate warp.
  • Combat Page
    • Pilot To Escort will only display if you have set the Combat Task to Escort.
    • Added an Optimal Range slider. It displays your Max Range and Lowest Optimal range for all hislot and medslot modules combined. You can set a value to be used when in combat for how close to keepatrange or orbit. This value will save and load with the profile, however, don't manipulate it while in a station.
    • Combat Approach methods will now approach the correct target at the proper range more reliably!
    • When entering warp, ammo will be reloaded.
    • Replaced the NPC Rats page with a list of all coded NPC and PC ship group IDs. If a ship's group ID is not in this list, you will NOT target it before it performs a hostile action. Run an Entity Export and send it to me to ahve ships added.
    • Corrected a target locking bug that was preventing you from reliably locking more than 2 targets at a time.

Auto Login-2015.10.14,Version 0.004 ALPHA

  • Selections from the UI no longer require a computer or session name to be given. If no computer name is given, it assumes you wish to use your local computer. If no session number is given, it assumes you wish to use your current session.

ISXBJEVE - 2015.10.10, Patch # 3 ALPHA

Astro Bot-2015.10.10,Version 0.004 ALPHA

  • Pre-Warp Check
    • Added the collection of MTU's to the wait list.
  • Fixed a bug with warping to nearest station while fleeing.
  • Changed the way that you go to warp for the following roles: mining, hauling, and navigation.
  • Modules Page
    • Added a new Activation Type for modules: AlwaysOn
      • Modules that are set to activate AlwaysOn will always be active and never deactivate.
  • Debug Page
    • Added a new checkbox to enable the logging of nearby entities when you undock or exit warp. Only use this if bjcasey tells you to. This setting does not save with your profile.
    • Added a new checkbox to enable the logging of module information when you undock or exit warp. Only use this if bjcasey tells you to. This setting does not save with your profile.
  • Missions Page
    • Requesting a new mission or completing an active mission first should be more reliable. If you can't complete the active missions or your new mission due to not having a mission file available, it will pause and wait for you to make a mission file.
  • Loot Page
    • Looting now supports the use of Mobile Tractor Units.
      • If Use Mobile Tractor Unit (MTU) is enabled and a suitable wreck or container is detected within loot range, you will launch an MTU. Each time after the MTU has been launched, it will scan it's cargo hold for items. If any are found, it will move into range and transfer them to your ship's cargo hold.
    • Will now loot containers that meet the following criteria:
      • Not empty
      • Have not been viewed
      • You have loot rights or it has been abandoned
      • You have sufficient space in your cargo hold for that item

ISXBJ Canadian Thanksgiving 2015 Specials

Getting into the Thanksgiving spirit (Canadian Thanksgiving) I will be running a FREE week trial for ISXBJ, as well as, providing a 20% discount on all Inventory/Quest Bot: Heroic Edition 12 Week, 24 Week and 52 Week packages. Try before you buy and stock up on discounted time before the next expansion!

Free Trial: Starting October 10, 2015 and running until October 16, 2015 the following username/password will be active for you to try all aspects of ISXBJ.

Username: ISXBJ


Discounted Sale PriceStarting October 10, 2015 and running until November 16, 2015 all Inventory/Quest Bot: Heroic Edition 12 Week, 24 Week and 52 Week packages will be on sale for up to 20% off.  If you are on a non-recurring payment plan, any time purchased will stack.

What are the key features of ISXBJ? 

  • Inventory management via easy to create lists that help you organize what items you want placed where.
  • Send out all types of harvesters like the gathering goblin, pack pony or guild hirelings.
  • Special combat coding to assist you in killing content. (OgreBot Required)
  • Quest Bot allows you to automate solo quests, solo instances and heroic instances.
  • Follow the link to our services section for a more in-depth description of what ISXBJ offers. (Including screenshots and videos) 

Downloads - Download the self-extracting installer.

Self-Extracting Installation Walkthrough - Step-by-step instructions on how to install.

New User?

  1. Follow the download link to find the self-extracting installer. 

Returning User?

  1. Follow the download link to find the self-extracting installer.
  2. After installation, browse to your /Innerspace/Extensions/ folder and locate ISXBJ.xml
  3. Open it in notepad and edit your username/password to match the above trial information. (Capitals matter!) 

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ISXBJEVE - 2015.10.04, Patch # 2 ALPHA

ISXBJEVE Extension

  • ISXBJEVE will now check if ISXEVE has been loaded and is ready. If ISXEVE has not been loaded it will report an error to the console and unload ISXBJEVE.
  • ISXBJEVE will now display the BJ Scripts Terms of Service page when it is loaded on Innerspace Session 1 (IS1). All other sessions will unload ISXBJEVE until you accept the ToS. When the ToS is accepted, ISXBJEVE will be reloaded on all local sessions.
  • ISXBJEVE will now display the Patch Notes when ISXBJEVE is patched. This will only display on IS1 if ISXBJEVE.dll is patched and will appear approximately 5 seconds after ISXBJEVE has loaded.

Astro Bot-2015.10.04,Version 0.003 ALPHA

  • Removed the following buttons from the UI:
    • Get Max Targets
    • Get Modules
    • Get Navigation
  • Astro Bot will now auto populate the targets, modules and navigation listboxes when entering space from a station or leaving warp.
  • Missions Page
    • Run Missions Page
      • Available Agents are populated based on agents that are present in your current station or agents that are in the same solar system as you. These are updated after docking/undocking and leaving warp.
      • My Agents are saved with the current character profile and are the agents that you prefer to use. It is a priority list that operates from top to bottom. To add an agent from the Available Agents to My Agents you can double click an agent name in the Available Agents listbox and it will be added to the My Agents listbox. If you wish to temporarily disable an agent from the My Agents listbox, double click the name and it will change color. Only agent names that are the regular (tan) colour will be processed.
  • Loot Page
    • Will now loot wrecks that meet the following criteria:
      • Not empty
      • Have not been viewed
      • You have loot rights or it has been abandoned
      • You have sufficient space in your cargo hold for that item
    • By default, it will skip any items that are considered contraband anywhere in the universe.

Auto Login-2015.10.04,Version 0.002 ALPHA

  • Command: BJ Login "Character Name" or BJ Login UI
  • BJ Login UI will display the login UI. From the UI you are able to add characters, computers, max IS sessions, and team profiles. This script does NOT load IS sessions. You must launch the sessions yourself and have them on the login screen.

AgentExporter-2015.10.04,Version 0.001 ALPHA

  • Exports all information about all agents in the universe. After being run once, it should only be run if CCP changes something related to agents.

ISXBJ Newsletter # 9: Major Update to BJ Scripts Terms of Service, Quest Bot Subscriptions and More

Hello Everyone!

This newsletter may be a bit long, but it contains important information that will relate to everyone who is a current BJ Scripts customer.  Please read through it carefully and if you have any questions email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms of Service Update

Effective November 1, 2015 you will be forced to read through and accept my new Terms of Service in order to continue using my services.  This will be a single popup when the game is launched on IS1 and will only reappear if you decline it or changes are made to it in the future.  If you are a current subscriber and no longer feel that you agree with my Terms and Conditions, you may contact me by email and I will reimburse you for any remaining time on your subscriptions.

Quest Bot Subscription Changes

On November 1, 2015 I will be merging Quest Bot: Solo Edition and Quest Bot: Heroic Edition.  The new product name will simply be referred to as Quest Bot.  Any remaining subscription time that you currently have will be added together (if you have a 4 week sub to both QBS and QBH, your new sub would be 8 weeks of QB).  Both old editions will be removed from my store (This process started back in September with the removal of Quest Bot: Solo Edition 12-52 week subscriptions) and the new combined product will be added. These changes will be behind the scenes and you shouldn't notice anything different subscription wise.  However, if you do not log in/update ISXBJ by December 1, 2015 you will be required to manually download the dll again as I will be cleaning up my user database and removing the unused columns.  In addition to the merging of the two editions, the following things will be changing:

  1. The loop limit for everyone will be increased from 5 to 1000.  This should provide virtually infinite looping (EQ2 sessions typically crash way before they hit this limit).  If in the future EQ2 is more stable and people are actually reaching 1000, I can increase it further.  The idea is to make this a high enough number to never be reachable.
  2. All zones (Overland, Contested, Solo, Advanced Solo, Heroic, and Raids) will be unlocked for use.
  3. The group size limit for non-heroic zones will be removed. You may bot as many characters per group anywhere you want provided that you adhere to my Terms and Conditions.

And More (My Opinion)

I joined the ISXEQ2 community during the EoF expansion and followed the typical path at the time of downloading scripts from the SVN and trying to get EQ2Bot to work for the 2 accounts I had.  There was a large learning curve, but I followed the sticky at the top of the ISXGames forum that instructed me to read through every post for help before asking a question.  It took a lot of reading, but eventually I felt sure enough that my question had not been answered before and I posted my questions.  Most responses were polite, but also harsh.  As my proficiency with using EQ2Bot and the little scripts that went with it increased, I started to notice most people followed a set of unwritten rules:

  • Don't openly draw attention to yourself in game while running ISXEQ2.
  • Don't afk while botting.
  • Limit the length of your play sessions to something that is reasonable for most people.

Amadeus has said in the past on IRC that he dislikes full automation, and unlimited looping (Tradeskill writs were limited to 10 for a very long time and ISXEQ2 had very limited functionality on PVP servers).  He has always advised that we as botters should keep a low profile to avoid detection and potential problems for the entire community.

The above rules and Amadeus' opinion were how the majority of the playerbase used ISXEQ2.  They were careful to not draw attention to themselves and everything went smoothly.  I set limitations on my scripts because i agree with the above way of thinking.  There are people out there who will ruin everything for all of us if allowed full control of our scripts.

This past year has seen a specific addition to our ISXEQ2 community.  There is a new extension available that provides very similar functionality to what ISXBJ does.  This new extension was developed to use ISXOgre/OgreBot as it's combat bot, just like ISXBJ/Movement/Quest Bot was.  Both full automation extensions are a collection of paid for scripts, however, before developing Quest Bot, I asked Kannkor for permission to use OgreBot as the combat bot.  If I was going to be profiting from a product that built on the great foundation that OgreBot provides, I wanted to make sure I had it's creator's blessing. The people who developed the new extension did not ask for permission.  Before I continue, I would like to apologize to the developers of this new extension.  I posted some things on the ISXGames forum that were personal attacks against them when I was angry and I shouldn't have.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that many people have private raid scripts that they create themselves for their personal bot raids to use.  They spend their time making them and are smart enough to keep them private (especially if they are able to progress into the high-end/difficult raids).  My raiding style usually gets me into the mid-tier of difficulty raid encounters before I get bored or frustrated and stop raiding for the expansion.  I have always been vocal about me releasing my raid code on a delayed schedule to allow non-bot raids to farm those zones before I make it easier for botters to do the same content.  I don't care that some people feel that they are entitled to that raid code because they pay for my scripts.  It has always been my philosophy that you get access to what I make available and certain things I will keep for myself or delay their release.  Back during Chains of Eternity we received a warning from SOE that we either contained the mass botter high end raiding or face consequences as a community.  We chose to delay or not release at all, high end raid encounter coding.

Some people like to throw tantrums when they don't get their way.  They approach the creators of these raid scripts and ask for access to them.  When the answer is no (because the we don't know them well enough), they get all upset and stomp their feet.  These people believe that everything that is created should be freely shared to everyone.  This new extension is the result that answer of no.  It's great that they have the ability to write their own raid code to help them succeed.  It isn't great that they are ignoring the warnings we gave them about what we were told and sharing it with everyone.  The same goes for full afk automation with looping as well.  The unwritten rules we have followed in the past were against the mass public having full afk automation with unrestricted looping.

At this point you might be asking, "But didn't you just unlock full looping anywhere with Quest Bot?". Yes, I did.  Amadeus does not want to get involved with the dispute happening between the new extension and Kannkor.  I feel stuck in the middle. With Amadeus not getting involved and enforcing his rules, I feel the need to change how I operate going forward.   I REALLY dislike doing this, but feel that I need to in order to remain competitive. If things continue to escalate, I could see the end of us being ignored by DBG and the termination of ISXEQ2.

Looking forward to coding for Everquest 2: Terrors of Thalumbra!


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