ISXBJEVE - 2016.10.10, Patch # 17

Astro Bot-2016.10.10,Version 1.002

  • Main Page - Hauling has been added as an Active Task. Options and support for this Active Task will be limited to start, but I hope to build it up as time permits.
    • Only Single Fleet Member Pickup, Transfer From Fleet Hangars and Drop Off at a Destination work.
  • Modules Page - Removed the test checkbox for Russian Client Mode. It is now located on the Settings Page.
  • Settings Page - Added a checkbox to enable Russian Client Mode. When enabled this will remove the asterisks that is added to the end of the module names.
    • This settings should make Astro Bot compatible with the Russian Client.
  • Loot Page - Loot Delay should now properly save with the profile.
  • After the Flee Timer has expired, the bot should now properly return to it's asteroid belt.
  • Corrected a bug with Selective Mining that would not reset the list when it reached the bottom of the list.
    • It will now loop back to the top of the list.

ISXBJEVE - 2016.06.26, Patch # 16

Astro Bot-2016.09.26,Version 1.001

  • Modules - Primary Activate Conditions (CombatOnly and NonCombatOnly) will now function.
  • Admin Page - Added a profile export method that will export your selected profile to a specific folder and will clear out any station or player names from the profile. This option should aid in the quick sharing of profiles.
  • Admin Page - Added a profile import method that will import a previously exported profile and add it to your own character profile.
  • Admin Page - Added the option to include the ship type and equipped modules when exporting a profile. Likewise, when you select a profile to import, it will display to you what ship and module that profile was designed for.
  • Added additional debug information to the opening of the inventory window when in a station.

ISXBJ - 2016.07.23, Patch # 135

BJInventory-2016.07.23, Version 1.63

  • Corrected a bug that was returning Unknown for all item names when scanning your inventory.

BJQuestShare-2016.07.23, Version 1.04

  • Completely re-written to make better use of the new ISXEQ2 Quest Journal TLO.
  • It will no longer store quests it receives. Instead, it will read quests directly from your quest journal.
  • By default, it will share quests flagged as belonging to your current zone, multiple zones or multiple locations upon finishing zoning.
  • a_BJQSForceShare atom has been updated to take up to 2 parameters:
    • Parameter 1 = CurrentZone - Forces the sharing of quests that belong to your current zone.
    • Parameter 1 = Category - Forces the sharing of quests that match the next parameter name.
      • Parameter 2 = CategoryName - This can be any name from your journal if you sort by Category. All quests under that category will be force shared. There is a special rule for the 'Mission' category where it will also share 'Mission: Weekly' as well.
  • If a quest displays the message 'cannot be shared' it will be added to a permanent ignore list and from that point on never attempt to be shared again.
  • If a quest displays the message 'is not currently available at this time' it will be added to a temporary ignore list and from that point on never shared again until the QuestShare is reloaded.
  • If a group member's quest journal is full, you will receive a message in the console and Ogre Console.

BJMovement-2016.07.23, Version 1.98

  • Algorithm For Destruction (Heroic)
    • X-O Arachmech
      • Updated the script to fix changes made by DBG.
      • GR6 will now throw the battery into the water when they receive it.
    • Stonerend
      • Command: Set up for BJ Stonerend
      • Required Group Roles: Group Role 1
      • Auto-Disable Conditions: Stonerend doesn't exist, you are further than 60m from the Group camp spot, or your entire group is dead.
      • Description: GR1 will pull summoners as needed and place the crystals to be crushed.
      • NOTE: Thanks to Pork for putting this together!
    • Undying Mechanic, Undying Apprentice, Undying Technician
      • Command: Set up for BJ Undying
      • Required Group Roles: Group Role 1
      • Auto-Disable Conditions: Undying Apprentice doesn't exist, you are further than 60m from the Group camp spot, or your entire group is dead.
      • Description: GR1 will load an auto target list and pull.
    • Black Bolt
      • Command: Set up for BJ Blackbolt
      • Required Group Roles: Group Role 1, Group Role 6 (Scout)
      • Auto-Disable Conditions: Black Bolt doesn't exist, you are further than 150m from the Group camp spot, or your entire group is dead.
      • Description: This fight is broken up into 4 phases. Phase 1: GR1 gets the group into position and pulls Black Bolt. When he casts his knockback, GR1 will call for BJ Immunities to cast a group AOE blocker. Phase 2: GR6 will enter the portal and continue to fight Black Bolt down until he ports away. Phase 3: GR6 will evac while the rest of the group moves down into the wait for GR6 position. Phase 4: The group will move together to Black Bolt's after port location where they will range kill the named.

BJQuestBot-2016.07.23, Version 3.00R BETA

  • Quest Bot will now keep track of your Adventure, Tradeskill, AA and Tithe Levels gained and amount of experience gained per hour.
  • Add Starter Task Steps: OgreBot Slider scan height and scan radius will no longer populate with your character names.
  • Corrected a bug that would prevent the parameters from being displayed on the Custom Input Box.
  • Changed the Custom Input Box parameters to be displayed in a console instead of a text element.
  • Quest Bot should now attempt to loot bugged mobs that should be dead but have a small amount of HP remaining.
  • Setup Page - Added additional page buttons at the top to allow for future feature additions.
  • Setup Page - Task File Filters - You can now filter what task files are displayed to you by Level Range and Content Type.
  • Static Buttons - Removed the Zone Info Setup button.
  • Static Buttons - Added a button for Other BJ Scripts
  • Other BJ Scripts Page - This page advertises many of the common ISXBJ scripts that are available. It provides a brief description of the script, instructions on how to use it and a button to launch the script.
  • Changed Quest Share from loading when Quest Bot Controller is loaded to only loading when a Quest Bot Task is started. By default it will load with quest sharing after zoning disabled and will share the current zone's quests.
  • Settings Page - Added a button to control if Quest Share should share quests after zoning. By default it is disabled.
  • Add Task Step - Parameters Wizard - QuestBot: Movement_SetUpFor command will now pull the available set ups for your current zone as choices for Parameter 2.

ISXBJ - 2016.07.19, Patch # 134

  • A warning message will now be displayed if the ISXEQ2 API version is updated and a script requires an update. The offending script will auto shutdown after displaying the message.
  • Updated every script to be compliant with changes to the ISXEQ2 member .ToActor.

BJLootManager-2016.07.19, Version 1.06

  • Will no longer change your auto loot settings if they are already set to none. This should stop it from spamming the chat window.
  • Removed the requirement to add an item to a loot database.
  • Removed the categories section on the Options tab as it was no longer needed.
  • Removed popup add item window for unknown items checkbox from the Options tab as it was no longer needed.
  • Removed Need, Greed and Decline unknown items checkboxes from the Options tab as they were no longer needed.
  • Loot Manager is now fully compatible with Free For All looting. FFA looting will bypass the loot rules due to the window only being visible on a single character's screen.
  • Changed how Loot Manager handles Need Before Greed looting. There is now a default set of loot rules that will be applied to items that do not have a custom loot rule. If you want specific gear on a specific toon it is recommended that you create a loot rule for that item.
  • Leader Only Looting should function similarly to FFA looting when the Leader Loot All checkbox is enabled. If Leader Loot All is disabled, Loot Manager will not loot ANYTHING while the looting mode is Leader Only Looting. Instead, it will poll group/raid members and they will report back to Ogre IRC or BJ LM Console their needs/wants. It is then up to the user to assign loot. This mode is not recommended for Quest Bot use.

BJQuestBot-2016.07.19, Version 3.00N BETA

  • Will no longer change your auto loot settings if they are already set to none. This should stop it from spamming the chat window.
  • Message boxes will no longer be hidden behind the main UI.
  • Loot Page
    • Removed popup add item window for unknown items checkbox as it was no longer needed.
    • Removed Need, Greed and Decline Unknown items checkboxes as they were no longer needed.
    • Added Leader Loots All checkbox. If enabled, the leader will loot everything as long as the EQ2 looting method is Leader Only looting.
    • Quest Bot will now force disable OgreBot looting to avoid a conflict.

BJMovement-2016.07.19, Version 1.97

  • Temple of the Faceless (Agnostic)
    • Phobis
      • Command: Set up for Phobis
      • Group Roles Required: Group Role 1
      • Description: Group will camp in the middle. GR1 will move towards Phobis and keep him less than 5m.

ISXBJ - 2016.07.12, Patch # 133

  • General Object
    • Added a new string member, RemoveInstanceNumber, to the object that will remove instance numbers from the zone name.
      • Parameters: (string) OriginalInstanceName
      • Example Input (Thalumbra, the Ever Deep 3): echo ${_obBJ_GeneralInclude.RemoveInstanceNumber["${Zone.Name}"]}
      • Example Output: Thalumbra, the Ever Deep

BJZoneInformation-2016.07.12, Version 1.03

  • A new support script has been added: BJ ZI Setup
    • The purpose of this script is to allow the end user to create zone information profiles. These profiles are used by a number of scripts, the most important being Quest Bot (used in zoning out of an instance and then back in). Late last year it was brought to my attention that with the TLE servers launching people needed older zones unlocked for use with Quest Bot. I had no problem doing this, but I quickly found out that there are so many zones that it was really difficult for me to keep up. Also, the older zones often change the order of the zone door number depending on your completion of access quests.
    • This script has two important methods of storing the information.
      • 1) I will be patching out a default information profile for current zones. The default file will be maintained by me and updated as needed.
      • 2) When end users create a file, it has _custom appended to the end. This file is never patched by me is completely populated by the end user.
    • If a custom file exists, that information is used instead of the default file.
    • Consolidated the Zone Attributes to streamline how the information is displayed.

BJLootManager-2016.07.12, Version 1.05

  • Added the Terrors of Thalumbra expansions to the drop down lists.
  • Need and Greed Unknown will now override the item not being ready to loot if you are using FFA or Leader Only Looting.

BJQuestShare-2016.07.12, Version 1.03

  • Updated to make use of the new ISXEQ2 datatype: Quest
  • In addition to it's existing functionality, it will now scan your quest journal after zoning and share any quest with a Current Zone that matches your current zone, multiple zones or multiple locations.

BJMovement-2016.07.12, Version 1.96M

  • Stygian Threshold (Heroic)
    • Tweaked the Aggro Fairies setup to be more reliable.
    • Mawz Harak
      • Command: Set up for BJ Mawz
      • Required Group Roles: Group Role 1, Group Role 6
      • Auto-Disable Conditions: Mawz Harak doesn't exist, you are further than 150m from the Group camp spot, or your entire group is dead.
      • Description: GR1 will pull the named into the corner. GR6 will acquire the buff to unleash the spirits, unleash the spirits and return to the group as needed. (NOTE: The more spirits you have available by killing the living kobolds below the more reliable this script will be.)
  • Maldura Bar Brawl (Event Heroic)
    • Tweaked the Bingling fight to disable move behind after the encounter has ended. GR1 will now target themselves while moving to the new ring.
  • Changed the BJ Movement button on the OgreBot Main UI to be in Column 2, to avoid covering up the subclass specific button.

BJInventory-2016.07.12, Version 1.62

  • Updated the auto login code for amenities to be compliant with changes made to ISXEQ2.

Quest Bot API

  • To access the Quest Bot API, simply type the following into the in-game Innerspace Console followed by the desired command and it's parameters: QuestBotAPI
    • Command: -LoadStartTask or -LSTask
    • Description: Will load the desired task in Quest Bot, if the character matches the ForWho parameter, set the Active Task Step to the desired number and then press the Quest Bot start button.
    • Parameters:
      • (1) ForWho
      • (2) Task File name to load
      • (3) Active Task Step to start on
      • (4) Enable Not Leader Mode (TRUE or FALSE) (When this is enabled, the character active running this task will not ask to be made leader or attempt to set the group loot options.)
    • Example: QuestBotAPI -LSTask "${Me.Name}" "100 - Heroic Instance Run - Maldura Palace Foray (Event Heroic) - By bjcasey" "1" "FALSE"
      • NOTE: Each parameter should be entered inside of quotation marks.

BJQuestBot-2016.07.12, Version 3.00M BETA

  • A complete re-write of Quest Bot has begun! I've learned a lot of stuff over the 3 years that the current Quest Bot has been in development and like most things it's age, Quest Bot has a lot of useless or inefficient code in it. I am intending for this new version to be much more user friendly and easier to use "out of the box". It will stay in ALPHA testing until I feel that it is ready for open testing. Once I am satisfied that it contains at LEAST equal abilities as the current version of Quest Bot, then all version of Quest Bot before version 3.00 will become legacy and unsupported. The previous version will remain available so that any content you currently run is unaffected. With this major version change, old "Quest Files" will not function with Quest Bot version 3.00.
  • I have merged Quest Creator and Quest Bot into a single UI and script. At the top of the Quest Bot Main UI there is a button to switch between the two modes: Run Mode (used for running content) and Create Mode (used for creating content).
  • ForWho Parameter - This parameter has seen a major update. You no longer need to use the old aliases of *Me.Name* or Team. It now supports ALL of the ForWho parameters that OgreBot supports (ex. *Me.Name* --> ${Me.Name} or Team --> Not:${Me.Name} ).
  • Task Files will no longer need to be downloaded from my website and are going to be added to the ISXBJ patcher. Task Files will no longer be integrated into the extension and hidden from view. This should greatly speed up how new Task Files are distributed, while still providing base files for people to change if they want to. I have reworked the internal Task File storage information and removed the Task File name from inside the file. This will make renaming a file and having it work much easier.
  • Character Profile Settings - I will be providing a default settings file. This should allow users to get started right away without having to configure too many settings. For those users who wish to have more control over how Quest Bot will run, they can change any settings they like and then save the profile. It will be saved with their EQ2 Server Name and Character Name. When Quest Bot is loaded, it checks for and loads the custom file first if it exists. If a custom file does not exist, it will load the default settings.

ISXBJ July 2016 Free Trial & Sale


As a thank-you to everyone for sticking out the recent bannings/suspensions, Kannkor and I will be running concurrent free trial time in appreciation of your patience while we helped Amadeus correct things.

Starting June 29, 2016 and running until July 5, 2016 I will be offering a FREE ISXBJ trial (Both Inventory, and Quest Bot).  Then, starting June 30th, 2016 and running until July 31st, 2016 I will put ISXBJ on sale for 50% off all shopping carts over $10.

What does ISXBJ include?

Follow the download instructions found here: (The account will automatically activate on June 29, 2016. Username and password are case sensitive.)

Trial Username: ISXBJ
Trial Password: FREETRIAL

Thanks for trying out ISXBJ. I hope you enjoy using it and if you are interested in purchasing a subscription please visit: ISXBJ SUBSCRIBE

Also check out my progress on the major Quest Bot 3.00 re-write that includes highly requested functionality.  Open testing will be starting *soon*.

Kannkor is also having a free trial!

ISXBJEVE - 2016.05.30, Patch # 15 BETA

Astro Bot-2016.05.30,Version 0.021 BETA

  • Main Page
    • A new active task option has been added: Mining
      • You must set how you want your ore to be delivered (ie. Return to Station or Jetcan), how you wish to approach asteroids and what distance to stop approaching your target.
  • Loot Page
    • Changed the Cargo Hold and Ore Cargo Hold limits to percentages instead of straight values. This should make it easier when switching between ships and Astro Bot profiles.
  • Flee Conditions and Routines
    • Corrected a bug that would prevent you from safely warping away when a flee condition was met.

Memorial Day Sale 2016

To help you celebrate the American Memorial Day weekend (I was too late to celebrate the Canadian Victoria Day long weekend. Sorry Canadians!), all ISXBJ products over $10 will be on sale for 30% off and there will be a free trial week for potential new subscribers.


Sale Starts: 10:30 AM on May 27, 2016

Sale Ends: 11:59 PM on June 9, 2016


Also, I will be running a free trial week for new people to try things out.

Trial Starts: 10:30 AM on May 27, 2016

Trial Ends: 11:59 on June 2, 2016

Use the following login information for the free trial:

Username: ISXBJ


***NOTE*** Both the username and password are case sensitive.

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