ISXBJ - 2013.10.20, Patch # 66

The following files have added:

  • BJConsumableManagerController.iss
  • BJConsumableManagerSetupSaveLoadSettings.iss
  • BJConsumableManagerSetupMainXML.xml

The following files have changed:

  • ISXBJ.dll
    • BJ Inventory
    • BJ Movement
    • BJ Consumable Manager/Setup

BJInventory-2013.10.20, Version 1.35

    • Amenities
      • Corrected a bug where the number of times to loop would not set the correct value after the first time running.
      • Corrected a bug that was preventing the depositing of materials into the depots.
    • Two Buttons
      • Run List
        • Load Stock List
      • Create List
        • Action
          • Get
            • Character Types
              • Archetype
              • Class
              • Sub-Class
              • Specific Name
            • Item Name (With examine window button)
            • Quantity
            • Source
              • Depot
                • Deposit All (Optional)
          • Lore & Legend
            • Removes one of each L&L item from the guild depot and attempts to use it. Deposits all when script is complete.

ISXBJ - 2013.10.07, Patch # 61

The following files have changed:

  • ISXBJ.dll
    • BJ Movement

BJMovement-2013.10.07, Version 1.39

  • Removed the use of the hidden UI. There should be no changes to the way BJ Movement functions.
    • Removed BJMovementMainXML.xml from the patcher.

ISXBJ Canadian Thanksgiving Free Trial

Getting into the Thanksgiving spirit (Canadian Thanksgiving) Kannkor and I will be running a FREE 2 week trial for ISXOgre and ISXBJ

Starting October 2, 2013 at 12:00 AM and running until October 16, 2013 at 11:59 PM the following username/password will be active for you to try all aspects of ISXBJ.

Username: ISXBJ

Password: October2013

What are the key features of ISXBJ? 

  • Inventory management via easy to create lists that help you organize what items you want placed where.
  • Send out all types of harvesters like the gathering goblin, pack pony or guild hirelings.
  • Special combat coding to assist you in killing content. (OgreBot Required)
  • Follow the link to our services section for a more in-depth description of what ISXBJ offers. (Including screenshots and videos) 

Downloads - Download the self-extracting installer.

Self-Extracting Installation Walkthrough - Step-by-step instructions on how to install.

New User?

  1. Follow the download link to find the self-extracting installer. 

Returning User?

  1. Follow the download link to find the self-extracting installer.
  2. After installation, browse to your /Innerspace/Extensions/ folder and locate ISXBJ.xml
  3. Open it in notepad and edit your username/password to match the above trial information. (Capitals matter!)


ISXBJ - 2013.09.29, Patch # 58

The following files have changed:

  • ISXBJ.dll
    • BJ Movement

The following files have been added:

  • Nothing

The following files have been removed:

  • Nothing

ISXBJ Extension

  • Changed the way the extension patches. This should correct an error that would sometimes crash the client.
  • Changed the way that the server logs connections. The date and time should be in a better format.

*NEW* BJ Scripts Website Launches!

We are pleased to announce that our new website is ready for use!  It has a much cleaner look and the content is better organized.  Basic information about what each service offers can be located under the Services section.  There are videos and photos to give you a better idea about what each script is designed to do.


ISXBJ Trial 2013

Do you not want to go outside for Canada Day or the 4th of July?
Is your inventory overflowing on your army of alts?
Do you need to get your Gathering Goblin, Pack Pony and Guild Harvesters back to work?
Need all of your shiny loot properly price matched on the broker or have you had your eye on something, but you're waiting for the price to drop?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, ISXBJ might be for YOU! 



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