The BJ Scripts Store is designed for you to buy what you want and skip things you don't want.  Add multiple products to your cart to create your own all-in-one bundle.  You will be provided with a discount coupon during checkout if you are purchasing more than one product.  For a more detailed explanation of what you will get with each product, check out my Pricing Matrix.

BJ's Buying Tips:

  1. Scenario # 1: You like to play your group within a zone, but want a script to take over for you when you reach a named encounter.  Full zone automation doesn't appeal to you. OR... You want something to handle all your inventory related tasks and send out your guild hirelings, pack ponies and gathering goblins.  BJ suggests buying an Inventory subscription.
  2. Scenario # 2: You like having your characters complete content (quests, instances, writs and more...) automatically while you sit back and watch your characters play themselves.  BJ suggests buying a Quest Bot subscription. If you don't feel comfortable using Quest Creator to create your own content, please check my download section first to ensure that the content you want automated exists.
  3. Scenario # 3: BJ's Choice: You want all of my products. BJ suggests adding a subscription for Inventory, and Quest Bot in your desired time block to your cart and enter the discount coupon code provided on the next page.

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