Services For EverQuest II

ISXBJ for EverQuest II 

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  • Full command list for ISXBJ can be located here.

Prestige Scripts - Paid subscription required for each.

  1. Inventory - Buys and sells items on the broker.  Sells items to the NPC merchant.  Destroys unwanted items.  Trades between PC characters.  Will send out the Guild Hirelings, Pack Pony and Gathering Goblin to retrieve harvestables on multiple accounts and guild halls.  Deposits items into all guild depots.
  2. Quest Bot  - Completes quests, advanced solo instances and heroic instances.

Other BJ Scripts - Free with any Prestige Script subscription.

  1. Movement - Special combat coding to assist in killing Named NPC targets.
  2. Quest Creator - A tool designed to allow non-coders the ability to create content for Quest Bot.
  3. Player Scanner - Shows all Player Characters within a 300 meter radius and displays the information to the screen.
  4. Shuffle - Spreads all characters out so that they are not standing in a "bot stack".
  5. AFK - Prevents you from being kicked to character select for being idle more than 30 minutes in an instance.
  6. Consumable Manager - Controls the auto-consumption of food, drink and potions to limit the amount of "waste" while afk.  Allows for easy swapping of mounts from the command line or OgreMCP.
  7. Mission Grabber - Will acquire any expansion missions based on the user's input.
  8. Quest Share - Stores quests as you receive them along with the zone they are intended to be completed in.  Will then share with the group when you enter the appropriate zone and all of your group is in range.