Quest Bot/Creator Rewards Program

The framework that Quest Bot is built on will only function well if people contribute content for others to run.  Without the contributions of the community, very little content will be available and the idea of having your quests, solo instances and heroic instances run automatically will fail.  

In order to encourage people to contribute and not just leech off of what other people are sharing, I have implemented a points system to reward those who contribute with a discounted price for anything in the BJ Scripts Store.  Currently, the ratio of points to United States cents is 1:5.  The amount of credits you are awarded when you submit some content will vary depending on the type of content it is and how many community approved duplicates already exist. For example, Darkain submits Nexus Core Heroic and it is approved by community votes.  To calculate how many points he should be awarded we will look to see what the credit rate was at the time he made his submission for the type of content.  If the Heroic Instance rate at the time of submission was 9/8/7/3 (First Submission, Second Submission, Third Submission, Fourth+ Submission), he would be awarded 8 points or $0.40 because there is already one approved Nexus Core Heroic.

The amount of points awarded for the various types of content will vary over time and will be determined by factors like the amount of a particular type of content available.  If more heroic content is needed, the amount of credit received for submitting heroic content might be increased.  If heroic content is getting saturated, the amount of credit received might be reduced.  It will all depend on supply and demand.

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