ISXBJ - 2017.01.14, Patch # 144

Quest Bot - 2017.01.14, Version 3.00Z BETA

  • Flight Navigation has been re-added to Quest Bot with major functionality improvements.
    • Quest Bot is able to switch between land and air navigation based on where the next navigation point is located. If the next navigation point is more than 5m above land, it will attempt to fly.
      • 1) Don't use your mouse to turn or change your altitude.
      • 2) Use auto run as your way of moving instead of pressing/holding your forward key.
      • 3) Use your fly up/down keys to change your altitude.
      • 4) Use lots of space between navigation points and don't make any sudden direction changes.
      • NOTE: Following the above tips will aid in the most natural looking flight that is possible.

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