How to Configure the Amenities Section


1)Click on the 'General Setup' Tab.
2)Click on 'Login Info' Button.
3)Enter all of your character login information for each character that you want to auto-login.
4)Click on the 'Harvestables' Tab.
5)Click on the 'Amenities' Button.
6)The characters that you entered in Step 3 will be shown in the 'Available Characters' listbox. Select a character.
7)Select what type of action you want it to perform from the 'Amenity Type' combobox.
8)If 'Guild Hireling' or 'Deposit All' is selected, enter the guild hall name.
9)Select if you want it to 'Call to Guild Hall' if it is not in a guild hall or further than 10m from the guild hall doors.
10)Select if you want it to 'Deposit' into the guild hall depot.
11)Click on the 'Workers' Button.
12)Select what tier you want each amenity type to harvest or use the auto select lowest tier.
13)Click on the 'Save/Load Lists' button.
14)Name your 'Assigned Characters' list and press the save button.
15)Click on the 'Options' button.
16)Enter how many times you want the script to loop and any of the other options you want.
17)Click the 'Backup Guild Halls' button.
18)If you selected 'Depositing of excess materials into backup guild hall' in Step 16 you will need to create a guild hall list. Place your primary guild hall as number one and go from there. Make sure to save your list.
19)Click on the 'General Setup' Tab.
20)At the top of the page click on the 'Save' Button that will save all of your character settings.
21)Click on the 'Harvestables' Tab.
22)Click on the 'Start Harvesting' button and watch the magic happen. If you correctly configured everything, it will auto-login each character, summon the appropriate amenity and use it.

Common Errors
1)You did not rename your goblin/pony to 'YourToonNamegoblin' or 'YourToonNamepony'
2)You have multiple guilds listed in the 'Backup Guild Halls' list, but they are not all located in the same location.