Using ISBoxer EVE Launcher + ISXEVE - Introduction

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Configuring ISBoxer EVE Launcher

1) Download the latest version (version as of the writing of this tutorial) of the ISBoxer EVE Launcher and unzip it into your /Innerspace/ directory.

2) Close Innerspace if it is running.

3) Launch ISBoxerEVELauncher.exe as an Administrator.  Will will now look like this:


The path to your EVE's SharedCache should have been auto detected, but if for some reason the patch is incorrect, fix it by clicking the Browse ... button.

NOTE: Users may need to expand the size of the window so they can see all of the options (I didn't realize where the "Save passwords" checkbox was until later on in the tutorial.

4) For the purposes of this tutorial, you can ignore everything else in the top section of the above window.  
    Press the 'Add Account' button and enter your first account information.

Repeat this step until all of the accounts you want to use with your Character Set have been added.

5) Enable the 'Save Passwords (Securely)' checkbox.  This option will will encrypt your EVE account information and ask you to create a Master Password to be used to launch all of your sessions.

6) Left click select each account you want to add to your Character Set.  It will highlight the entire line the account name is on.

6) Press the 'Create Game Profile' button.

7) Complete your profile so that it looks like the picture below.  The only thing you may need to modify is the 'Game Name' field.  This should match whatever you called EVE when you added it as a game in Innerspace.  Press the 'Go' button when you are finished.

8) At this point, the ISBoxer EVE Launcher has been configured and you can now close it.
    If you are using ISBoxer 41, you may continue to the next page.
    If you are using ISBoxer 42, you may need to wait until I update to continue.