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On September 20, 2016 CCP started to enforce using SSO Tokens to log into the game in order to fix potential security issues.  This guide is just 1 way out of a couple of possibilities for you to adapt your current setup to launch your ISBoxer Character Set and login securely using the new launcher. 

Configuring ISBoxer EVE Launcher

1) Download the latest version (version as of the writing of this tutorial) of the ISBoxer EVE Launcher and unzip it into your /Innerspace/ directory.

2) Close Innerspace if it is running.

3) Launch ISBoxerEVELauncher.exe as an Administrator.  Will will now look like this:


The path to your EVE's SharedCache should have been auto detected, but if for some reason the patch is incorrect, fix it by clicking the Browse ... button.

NOTE: Users may need to expand the size of the window so they can see all of the options (I didn't realize where the "Save passwords" checkbox was until later on in the tutorial.

4) For the purposes of this tutorial, you can ignore everything else in the top section of the above window.  
    Press the 'Add Account' button and enter your first account information.

Repeat this step until all of the accounts you want to use with your Character Set have been added.

5) Enable the 'Save Passwords (Securely)' checkbox.  This option will will encrypt your EVE account information and ask you to create a Master Password to be used to launch all of your sessions.

6) Left click select each account you want to add to your Character Set.  It will highlight the entire line the account name is on.

6) Press the 'Create Game Profile' button.

7) Complete your profile so that it looks like the picture below.  The only thing you may need to modify is the 'Game Name' field.  This should match whatever you called EVE when you added it as a game in Innerspace.  Press the 'Go' button when you are finished.

8) At this point, the ISBoxer EVE Launcher has been configured and you can now close it.
    If you are using ISBoxer 41, you may continue to the next page.
    If you are using ISBoxer 42, you may need to wait until I update to continue.


Configuring ISBoxer 41 to Launch EVE Using the ISBoxer EVE Launcher

So by this point you should have successfully configured ISBoxer EVE Launcher and you should be using ISBoxer 41.

1) Launch ISBoxer 41.  It should look similar to the picture below.

Click image to enlarge

2) Click the 'Wizards' option from the top and select 'Quick Setup Wizard'.

3) Select whatever you called your EVE game when you added it to Innerspace and then press the 'Next >' button.

Click image to enlarge

4) Enter the information about the characters that will be part of your Character Set to look similar to the picture below.  The boxes that are underlined in red can be named anything you want.  For the Innerspace Game and Game Profile comboboxes you should select whatever you called EVE when you added it to Innerspace and for the Game Profile, you should see the character profiles we added in the Configuring ISBoxer EVE Launcher section of this tutorial.  Press the 'Add Character to Team' button to add it to the team.

Click image to enlarge

Repeat Step 4 until all of your characters have been added to a team.  Press the 'Next >' button when you are finished.

5) Enter a name for your Character Set and press the 'Next >' button when you are finished.

Click image to enlarge

6) The next few steps (Window Layout, CPU Strategy, and ISBoxer Hotkeys) in the Character Set creation process are completely up to your personal preference.  I will not be going into detail on how you want to configure them.  Once you have configured all 3 of those pages, you can press the 'Finish' button to complete the setup.

7) Find your new Character Set in the top left pane of ISBoxer and select it.  This will change the bottom half of ISBoxer and display the settings for your Character Set. It should look similar to the picture below.

Click image to enlarge

8) Enable the In-Game Innerspace Console Hotkey and assign it a key by clicking on the arrow of the combobox.

9) Go to 'File' at the top of the window and press the 'Save' option.  After, go back to 'File' and select the 'Export All to Innerspace' option.

10) At this point, you should have successfully configured the ISBoxer EVE Launcher and created a Character Set in ISBoxer.  You may now close ISBoxer if you want to.

Testing Our Configurations

1) Launch Innerspace in Administrator Mode.

2) Right-Click the Innerspace icon near the clock and go to 'Character Sets'.  Find your newly created Character Set and click it.

3) If the ISBoxer EVE Launcher is not currently running when you start your Character Set, you will see a popup asking you to enter your ISBoxer EVE Launcher Master Account Password.  Enter it into the box and press 'Go' when finished.

4) After all of your character sessions have been loaded, you should have all of your characters at the character select screen and ready to start playing EVE!
    You can right click and close all of the ISBoxer EVE Launcher windows that were opened when launching the character set.