ISXBJ Using Quest Bot 3 (Run Mode) Walkthrough

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**This walkthrough covers how to start and use Quest Bot 3 in Run Mode.  There is a separate companion walkthrough that covers how to use Quest Bot 3 in Create Mode.**


Welcome to BJ Scripts' Walkthrough For Using Quest Bot!  The idea behind Quest Bot is simple.  Create Task Files that will imitate how you might perform your desired task for the purpose of running that content without any input from the user.  My original intent was to automate the completion of overland quest content because I hate how tedious that aspect of the game has become.  Eventually I realized that I could also automate instances as well.  Quest Bot 3.00 + is named for the third major re-write of this script.  There are similarities with previous version, but the entire script was re-written from the ground up.

Quest Bot is designed to fulfill five main purposes:

  1. Complete overland quests.
  2. Complete solo and heroic instances.
  3. Complete raid instances (this is possible, but hasn't been accomplished yet).
  4. (NOT AVAILABLE YET) Harvest crafting materials from overland zones.
  5. (NOT AVAILABLE YET) Craft tradeskill writs in your houses, zoning between the overland writ giver and your house. This is useful on the Time Locked Expansion server.

Key Feature Include:

  1. 1-Click-&Go - Instantly start running your content with click of a single button. Load Quest Bot on the character you want to be the leader and press Start Task.  Quest Bot will load itself on all of your group members and start all of the support scripts it needs to function.
  2. Easily create your own Task Files using the built in 'Create Mode'.  Remember, Quest Bot Task Files are basically a series of Ogre Bot MCP commands with a few custom Quest Bot commands mixed in.  As a user, you have access to the same tools that I do in creating Task Files. The creation process has been greatly streamlined through the use of a Task Step wizard that will guide you through the process.  I've made every effort to ensure that all information you need is available in-game and most commands/actions have their parameters available in a combobox for you to easily select. 
  3. Queue and Looping System - Create a queue of multiple task files.  Each task file will be processed and completed one at a time until the queue is finished.  If looping is enabled, it will jump to the top of the queue and start again.  The loop limit is set at 1000 loops.  If people need more than 1000 let me know and I can increase it.
  4. Looting options for everyone!  Free For All, Need Before Greed and Leader Only are all supported looting types.  Looting is handled through a separate script called Loot Manager, which has seen a few upgrades of it's own to better support Quest Bot.  FFA looting will loot everything in the chest on whichever character opens the chest.  Leader Only looting will loot everything in the chest on the leader.  NBG looting is where the magic happens and is my suggested default setting if you want even distribution of loot.  When your looting options are set to NBG, there are 2 things that can happen:
    • A custom loot rule (you can make this easily by examining the item and then selecting which classes should need or greed on it) exists.  Each character will evaluate if it needs or wants the item and then select the appropriate option.  If the custom loot rule for a character is need, but that character has already looted that item the maximum number of times, they will greed on it instead to let other characters need on it.
    • A custom loot rule does NOT exist, so Loot Manager will use a default set of loot rules based on the character being able to use the item and specific archetype stats being on the item.
  5. Quest Sharing relevant current zone quests when starting a Task File.  Never forget to share a zone mission again!
  6. Stuck character detection and wipe recovery options.  Uses Call of the Tinkerer and Evac to fix characters who may have gotten themselves stuck.  If your group wipes, it will revive and start again, skipping Task Steps that aren't required.