ISXBJEVE Using Auto Login

Welcome to the walkthrough for configuring and using ISXBJEVE's auto login functionality.

1) Start at the login in screen with ISXEVE and ISXBJEVE loaded.

2) Open the Innerspace in-game console and type (this will launch the login UI.): BJ Login UI

3) If this is your first time using Auto Login, you will need to configure some settings.

a) Character List - Press the + button next to Character List.  Fill out the full character name and press Okay when finished.  Next, enter the account name and password for that character.

b) Computer List - Press the + button next to Computer List. Fill out the Innerspace uplink name for this computer.  This can be found by right clicking the Innerspace icon near your computer's clock and then selecting Configuration.  Once the Inner Space Uplink window is open, browse to the General Tab and then look for the Unique name for this uplink.

c) Session List - Press the + button next to Session List.  Fill out how many sessions you intend to use on this computer.

4) Now select the information from step 3 for each combobox.  Press the Add to List button when finished.