ISXBJEVE Astro Bot - Creating Mission Files

Create Missions displays the tools you will need to make a mission file.

Figure 1.5 - Create Missions Page (Click image to enlarge)

Step 1.  The first step in creating a mission file is to have already accepted a mission (Figure 1.6) and then press the Populate Mission Info button shown in Figure 1.5.  This will pop up an input box (Figure 1.7) for you to tell it what mission it should get the data for.  You will need to enter the exact name of the mission for this to work.  Press Okay when you have finished and another input box will be shown for you to enter the mission level.  Once both pieces of information have been entered, the following fields in Figure 1.8 will be populated: Mission Name, Mission Level, Mission Type, and Mission Bookmarks. Press the Save button to save the mission file and name it using the Mission Name.  The file will be created if it doesn't already exist in your /EVEBJCommon/Astro Bot/Config Files/Mission Information/ folder.

Figure 1.6 - EVE Mission Agent Conversation (Click image to enlarge)





Figure 1.7 - Astro Bot Populate Mission Info (Click image to enlarge)

Figure 1.8 - Astro Bot Populate Mission Info Completed (Click image to enlarge)

Step 2.  Next we will load the file that we just created by selecting it from the drop box and pressing the Load button.

Step 3.  Now comes the fun part!  We get to actually select what commands to issue to complete our mission. Press the Add Mission Step button to open the Add Mission Step window (Figure 1.9).

Figure 1.9 - Astro Bot Add Mission Step Window (Click image to enlarge)

Select an Action from the drop box and all information pertaining to that action will be displayed in the console below it.  You may have to scroll it up to read it from the start.

Step 4. For our mission, A Special Breed, let's start by moving our mission cargo into our ship by selecting the Transfer_Cargo action and then using the Parameters - Wizard button to walk us through (Figure 1.10 and Figure 1.11) the action's parameters.  Once all parameters have been entered we can press Add and New or Add and Close.

Figure 1.10 - Astro Bot Custom Input Box (Click image to enlarge)

Figure 1.11 - Astro Bot Add Mission Step Window with Parameters (Click image to enlarge)

Step 5. Now we need to go to the destination bookmark.  Open the Add Mission Step window again if you closed it and select TravelToBookmark from the action list. This step is going to undock us, set a destination or warp us to the correct Bookmark (BM) and then dock us.  Take a look at Figure 1.13 for where you can find the BM information.

Figure 1.12 - Astro Bot Add Mission Step Window with Parameters (Click image to enlarge)

Step 6. Once we have arrived at our destination station, we'll need to complete our mission.  Courier missions can do this with a special action, RemoteCompleteMission.  This will remote start a conversation with our mission agent and then complete the mission.  However, it should be noted that we aren't finished yet.  In order for Astro Bot to finish it's current Mission Task, it must be back at the starting station.  

Step 7. Add another TravelToBookmark action to travel back to our agent station.

Step 8. The current Mission Task will automatically complete when the Mission Steps are finished.  This must be done in the mission agent's station. DON'T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR FILE!

Figure 1.13 - All Mission Information Has Been Added and Saved (Click image to enlarge)

Step 9. Figure 1.13 shows how the completed mission file will look when it is loaded in Astro Bot.  The GREEN is highlighting where you can get the Bookmark (BM) information, the RED is showing the Mission Name matching the file name and the TEAL is showing all of the Mission Steps that have been added for this particular mission.