ISXBJEVE Using Astro Bot

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Using the UI - Targets Page

This page allows you to configure how your bot will select it's targets.  It works on the basic premise that each target your pilot/ships allows is a "slot" in which you can fill certain types of targets. When you assign a target to a type, you are essentially reserving that target slot for a specific type of target. Your Current Max Targets can ONLY be populated while in space.  Select a target and then assign it a Target Type.  Mining, Jetcan and Combat are your only options right now.

For mining purposes, you can choose to split your lasers onto different targets, or focus your lasers onto a single target. NOTE: On the Main - Mining Page, if you configured your miner to select targets using Selective - Focus Laser, it will not split your lasers.

Figure 7.1 - Targets Page (Click image to enlarge)

Having a target assigned is the first check that Astro Bot does when preparing to use a module. Internally, the bot will assign targets based on this list, lock those targets as range permits and then activate modules based on your selected options for the module.