ISXBJEVE Using Astro Bot

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Using the UI - Flee Page

There are time when you will want your bot to flee the space they are in and get to a safe spot.  Everything on this page is related to configure how you want them to proceed when potential hostile forces enter local or your grid.

Figure 6.1 - Flee Page (Click image to enlarge)

Flee Options:

Flee To - Where should you flee when a flee condition is met?

Flee Duration:

Choice of 1:

[ ] Timer (In seconds)

[ ] Pause Bot

[ ] Quit Game

What should the bot do once it has reached it's safe location?

[ ] Trigger Flee Fleeing - When a flee condition has been met on this character, should it trigger your fleet to flee as well?

Pilot Standings:

On Grid - Visible on the overview.  Can be any combination of the options available.

Local - In the local channel.  Can be any combination of the options available.

Ship Health:

Any combinations of the options available.

[ ] Shield Percentage

[ ] Armor Percentage

[ ] Structure/Hull Percentage

[ ] Capacitor Percentage

[ ] Ammo Percentage

(Personal Choice: It is really up to you what you configure your flee options as.  For HiSec, I typically focus my settings On Grid, with local scanning for criminals.)

Figure 6.2 - Flee Page - Solo Miner (Click image to enlarge)