ISXBJEVE Using Astro Bot

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Using the UI - Main Page

The Main Page is where you will select your Active Task (The task/action you want the bot to perform).  Once a task has been selected, any task specific options (if they exist) will be shown below.

Figure 3.1 - Main Page (Click image to enlarge)

Active Task - Mining

When Mining is selected from the Current Active Task combobox, all mining related options will be displayed.  In order to correctly configure your mining routine, there are at least 3 sections that must be filled out.

Figure 3.2 - Main Page - Mining (Click image to enlarge)

Task Role:

[ ] I am a Miner - Select this option if you want this pilot to mine. (Personal Choice: I have all 5 of my Hulks configured using this choice.)

[ ] I am a Mining Foreman - Select this option if you want this pilot to provide instructions when asked by other miners. (Personal Choice: I have my Orca configured using this choice.)

Delivery Options:

What do you want to do with your ore when your cargo is full? You have 2 choices: Jetcan or Return to Station

Jetcan - There are an additional 2 options that become available after you select jetcan as your delivery option.  Eject As Needed will jettison your ore to a jetcan when it needs to. Call For Pickup is not functional at this time.

Return to Station - There is an addition option that becomes available after you select return to station as your delivery option.  You must select a Station Name from the combobox.  It will only show you stations that match your configured filter range on the Indexes Page.

(Personal Choice: I mine in a fleet, so I always have my mining pilots configured to Jetcan - Eject As Needed.  If I were solo mining or mining without dedicated hauler support, I would choose to Return To Station.)

Mining Target Selection:

Your choices for this section will determine how your pilot will select it's mining targets.

Choice # 1:

[ ] Self Selection - Let this pilot decide for themselves what mining targets to pick.

[ ] Mining Foreman Selection - This pilot will ask (through the Innerspace Uplink) the mining foreman for a mining target.  The mining foreman combobox must have a valid target (ie. Fleet Member)

(Personal Choice: When in a fleet, I have 4/5 of my miner's configured to ask the mining foreman for a target and 1/5 will select their own target.  This let's the 1 miner play cleanup as the asteroid targets start to dwindle.)

Choice # 2:

[ ] Strip Mine - Picks the closest mining target and will clear out the entire asteroid belt.

[ ] Selective - Focus Lasers - Uses the options from the Selective - Focus Laser Options below the checkbox.  You can tell it what asteroid types you want mined and in what order.  This list is processed from top to bottom.  When using this option, you can also choose to use a Survey Scanner to select the highest quantity ore as a priority.

(Personal Choice: I use Selective - Focus Lasers to avoid having my miner's step on each other's toes, however, if you are solo mining or in a very small fleet the better choice is Strip Mining.)


If you have been following my Personal Choice Recommendations above, your Main Page - Mining should look like the picture below with the addition of having a Station Name selected.

Figure 3.3 - Main Page - Mining - Solo Miner Configuration (Click image to enlarge)