ISXBJEVE Using Astro Bot

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Loading Astro Bot

To load Astro Bot, type the following into the in-game Innerspace console: BJ AstroBot

After a brief initialization period, the main UI window will close and Astro Bot will be ready for use.  For convenience, Astro Bot will start paused by default.  

To open the main UI, click on the Show Main button of the mini UI.

Figure 2.1 - Astro Bot Mini User Interface

Figure 2.2 - Navigation Pane (Click image to enlarge)

The Navigation Pane (Figure 2.2), is used to move between the various pages and options of Astro Bot.  They are arranged so that all task specific options are located on the Main Page and any core functions that might be shared between multiple tasks are on their own page.

As more options are added, additional buttons/pages will be created as needed.