ISXBJEVE Using Astro Bot

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Using the UI - Inventory Page

This page is really important to how Astro Bot will manage your ship's cargo holds.  First, you will want to select a hold type that your ship has and then assign it a value (as a percentage).  Once that has been completed, press the Add button.  You have just told Astro Bot what percentage of your cargo hold it should consider full.  For example, if my ship Ore Hold has a max capacity of 100 and I set my Ore Hold value at 85%, then Astro Bot will report the Ore Hold full when it is a value that is at least 85% to 100%.  This is useful for certain tasks like mining or hauling where the bot may need to return to a station to drop off goods. 

The picture below shows the values that I used for a Venture ship.

Figure 12.1 - Inventory Page (Click image to enlarge)