ISXBJEVE Using Astro Bot

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Welcome to BJ Scripts' Walkthrough for Using Astro Bot!  Astro Bot is a multi-purpose collection of scripts that are designed to allow flexibility and ease of use to the end user.  It's features include:

  • Game Tasks:
    • Mining
    • Hauling

  • General Features:
    • Provides a flexible and easy to configure in-game user interface to provide a high level of customization that can set your characters apart from other botters. Never need to edit a file in notepad again!
    • Supports grouping of modules and hiding of passive modules. Use your modules like the non-cheating person you used to be!
    • Mining - Can be configured to use survey scanners to select the highest yield asteroids first.
    • Mining - Loads/unloads mining crystals based on target type.  If there are no crystals found in your cargo hold for a specific asteroid, it will unload a currently loaded crystal to avoid damaging it.

Disclaimer: It is not intended for people to use this to AFK long stretches of time. Astro Bot was designed to assist you with playing EVE while you do other things near the computer. I am not responsible for your lost ships or accounts due to misuse of this product.

Figure 1.1 - Astro Bot User Interface (Click image to enlarge)

Please note that I am always adding new things to Astro Bot and that the documentation of these changes in this guide may lag behind.  For the most up-to-date changes, please refer to the ISXBJEVE Patch Notes. This guide will walk you through the set up process and get you out exploring the stars as quickly as possible.