Mission Grabber and Share Information


This script was designed to acquire the Tears of Veeshan expansion missions and share them to group members based on the user's desired options.  It has been updated for Altar of Malice and a few things have changed with the update.  It's name had the ToV part dropped and is now known as BJ Missions.

In the Innerspace console type:  BJ Missions [-<Parameter1> -<Parameter2> -<Parameter3> -<Parameter4> <Parameter5> <Parameter6>] 

Parameter Number Option Description
1 -AoM Altar of Malice Expansion
  -ToV Tears of Veeshan Expansion
2 -s Solo Missions
  -a Advanced Solo Missions (AoM Only)
  -sa Solo & Advanced Solo Missions (AoM Only)
  -h Heroic Missions
  -e Event Heroic Missions (AoM Only)
  -he Heroic & Event Heroic Missions (AoM Only)
  -sh Solo and Heroic Missions (ToV Only)
3 -0 Number of regular missions to pick up.
  -99 All Quests (AoM Solo, Advanced Solo, & Heroic Only)
4 -n No Daily or Weekly Missions
  -d Daily Mission Only
  -w Weekly Mission Only
  -dw Daily and Weekly Missions
5 -y Quest Sharing Enabled (ToV Only)
  -n Quest Sharing Disabled (ToV Only)
6 0+ How long should I wait to share? (Seconds) (ToV Only)

Altar of Malice Addtions: