BJ Shuffle Information

BJ Shuffle is a script that is designed to spread characters out so that they aren't standing in a "bot stack".  It works by having different archetypes move in different directions and for different lengths of time.  The end result is characters that are nicely, but randomly spaced out.

Archetype Heading and Movement Ranges
Archetype Heading Range (In Degrees) Movement Range (In Seconds)
Fighter N/A N/A
Priest 290 to 335   2 to 4
Scout  65 to 110 2 to 5
Mage 155 to 200  1 to 3

There are a few requirements that the script assumes:

  • Fighters do not move at all.
  • The maximum distance a character can move from the starting point is 10m.  This prevents your characters from getting too spread out or running off of cliffs.
  • The script doesn't relay the command.

Based on the above requirements, if you are typing BJ Shuffle into the console of your Fighters session, it will appear as though the script didn't work.  Remember that it doesn't work on Fighters and it doesn't relay to all sessions by default.  If you want it to run on all sessions you need to be typing: relay all BJ Shuffle instead.  This will activate the script on all connected sessions.