BJ Quest Creator Information

BJ Quest Creator (BJQC) is a tool that allows people without coding knowledge/experience to create automated steps for BJ Quest Bot (BJQB) to follow.  

Do you need to run through a solo overland quest on multiple characters, but can't bring yourself to do it for the 3rd+ time?  Have a heroic zone that you have on farm status, but still need stuff from and can't find the motivation to run it?  Can't wait for new content to be coded after a game update?  Code it yourself!  BJQC puts the power of coding into your hands, but it's versatility and ease of use isn't even the best part of a BJQC subscription.  The best part is, I will pay you** for your time!  The steps are easy:

1) You create quality content for yourself.  
2) Submit your content for the community to vote on.
3) If your submission is accepted by the community, you will receive credits to be used towards your purchases in the BJ Scripts Store.

The steps are easy and it allows you to get your BJ Scripts products at a reduced price while contributing to the community. 

*BJQB requires an active subscription to ISXOgre.
**Payment will be based on what the community deems as quality submissions and the reward will be credits to be used in the BJ Scripts Store.  Other conditions and restrictions may apply.