BJ Consumable Manager Information


BJ Consumable Manager is a script that is designed to limit the amount of wasted stat potions, food and drink with the added feature of being able to easily summon up to four different mounts with the click of a button.  This script has two commands available to it. 1) BJ CM - Runs the background script that does all of the consumable managing and mount swapping. 2) BJ CMSetup - Loads the Consumable Manager Setup user interface.  I decided to have two commands so that once you have your character set up the way that you would like, you don't need to have another ui item cluttering up your precious screen real estate.

BJ CMSetup

This loads the setup user interface that allows the user to set which potions, food, drink and mounts they would like to use and how often it should check for being idle.  It saves this information in a character file that will be loaded by the Consumable Manager script.  After saving, the user can close the UI.


Activates the script that does all of the actual consumable managing and mount swapping.  It starts by loading the save file for the current character that was created by the Consumable Manager Setup UI.  There are two aspects to this script.

First, it will check if you have moved or been in combat within the time set in the Setup.  If you have not moved or been in combat within that time frame it will toggle off the auto consumption of your potion and food/drink.  When you move again or enter combat it will toggle the auto consumption back on (NOTE: EQ2 prevents you from toggling auto consumption of potions while in combat.  So if you have not moved within your timeframe and enter combat immediately, BJ CM will be unable to turn your potion on.).  

The second part of this script is managing the swapping of preferred mounts. There are 5 available parameters: primary, mount1, mount2, mount3, mount4.  These are set by the user by using the Setup UI.  Any mounts that you wish to use must be in your inventory and not in your mounts tab of the EQ2 character window.  By using the command: a_BJCMChangeMount <parameter> from the Innerspace console window the user can easily swap mounts.  This can be set up to be run from the OgreMCP using the RawCommand command.


If BJ CM was running on every Innerspace session it would check the character file for the user set primary mount, cancel any existing mounts and then summon the desired mount.