1) Proprietary Information

1.1) ISXBJ (BJ Scripts) is created and maintained by bjcasey and is not affiliated with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).
1.2) Everquest 1 and Everquest 2 are created and maintained by SOE.
1.3) ISXEQ2 is created and maintained by Amadeus (ISXGames).
1.4) ISXOgre is created and maintained by Kannkor (Ogre Gaming).
1.5) Innerspace is created and maintained by Lax (Lavishsoft Software).

2) Program Requirements

The following programs must be installed and an active subscription paid for before BJ Scripts will function correctly.
2.1) EverQuest and/or EverQuest II must be installed on your computer for full functionality.
2.2) Innerspace must be installed on your computer for full functionality.
2.3) ISXEQ and/or ISXEQ2 must be installed on your computer for full functionality.
2.4) ISXOgre must be installed on your computer for full functionality (EQ2 only. Inventory prestige script excluded). 

3) Common Courtesy

BJ Scripts subscription information for PayPal payments.
3.1) All transactions are handled by PayPal. If there is a dispute about anything related to BJ Scripts you have two options.
3.1a) You can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss whatever the dispute is. Doing so will result in a friendly conversation. If we are unable to come to an agreement and our discussion has remained civil and respectful on your end I will ask that you submit a PayPal dispute and things will be resolved smoothly.  I am very open to working things through with you and I try my best to maintain a quality product and a positive customer experience.
3.1b) You can go directly to PayPal without contacting me first.  I get an email with the details of the dispute which causes me to spend my time investigating on my end and I send server logs to PayPal including IP Addresses/Computer information showing that you have used my service.  You forfeit your account immediately. This means that I remove your access to my services and any unused subscription time is lost while PayPal investigates.  When I win the dispute, which usually happens because there is always a digital fingerprint showing you used my service, you will still lose your account and you will still be banned from using my services.  You will remain banned from ever using my services again until you pay a ban removal fee to be determined by me on a case by case basis. You wasted my time. My time is valuable. You will pay me for my wasted time.  

4) Risks

4.1) Using BJ Scripts is against SOE's Terms of Use for it's games. If SOE finds you're using these programs you will most likely be banned. I am not responsible for your lost accounts and time. You made the decision to use 3rd party software and you do so at your own risk.
4.2) Responsible gaming/cheating and using common sense can prevent most chances of being banned.

5) Availability and Access

5.1) There is no guarantee how often BJ Scripts products will be available for use.  I make every effort to have things up and working as often as possible, but there are circumstances that occur that are out of my control.  For Everquest/Everquest II, I cannot control how long ISXEQ/ISXEQ2 are down on forced patch days.  Partial refunds may be provided at my discretion and on a case by case basis.
5.2) You are paying me for access to my scripts and are agreeing to abide by my rules.  If I find out that you are in breach of these agreements or you take action to circumvent my rules, I will take action against your accounts as I see fit.  Refunds will not be given for misuse of these scripts.

6) Support

6.1) I try my best to respond to support tickets within 24 hours.  Please understand that BJ Scripts is created and maintained by ONE person, bjcasey and that I will do my best to assist you while providing new scripts.  There are times when I am unavailable, but these times will be posted on IRC and the forums.
6.2) The order for support from best place to least is forums, IRC, ventrilo, email.  Having said that, any of those places are fine.
6.3) Advanced Technical Support (ATS) can be handled by either bjcasey or a staff member of BJ Scripts. It is not intended for ATS to replace the free technical support provided, but to simply provide a more in-depth option.

7) Privacy

7.1) I will not sell or distribute any of your personal information that is collected to third parties.  I hate when other companies do this to me so I won't do it to you.
7.2) Occasionally, I may collect information about the use of my products  in order to better enhance them and improve the gaming experiences of everyone.  This information will remain confidential.

8) Refunds

8.1)  Refunds may be awarded based solely on the discretion of bjcasey.  They will be looked at on a case by case basis.

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