ISXBJ for EverQuest 2 Free Trial

With my lack of time now becoming apparent, I have disabled the ability to purchase ISXBJ from my store. As a replacement (until I have more time to do updates), ISXBJ will be free to use.

Username: ISXBJ

The username/password are both case-sensitive.

ISXBJ July 2017 Sale

Starting July 3, 2017 and running until July 9, 2017 I will be offering a FREE ISXBJ trial (Both Inventory, and Quest Bot).  Also, starting July 3, 2017 and running until July 16, 2017 I will put ISXBJ for EQ2 on sale for 35% off all shopping carts over $10.

What does ISXBJ include?

Follow the download instructions found here: (The account will automatically activate on July 3, 2017. Username and password are case sensitive.)

Trial Username: ISXBJ
Trial Password: FREETRIAL

Thanks for trying out ISXBJ. I hope you enjoy using it and if you are interested in purchasing a subscription please visit: ISXBJ SUBSCRIBE

Unavailable Dates for April - June

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to apologize for not being around much the past month, but it has been for a good reason. My wife and I are expecting our first child near the beginning of May and I have been busy helping her prepare our house and lives for this wonderful event.

As such, I will not be around much for most of April - June. I anticipate being incredibly fatigued and would just like to be able to enjoy spending time with my new baby and my wife.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be patching out some changes/fixes that I've been holding onto for quite some time for Quest Bot 3. I do apologize for how long it has taken me to get this stuff out to you, but as you can imagine, I've been quite busy.

Provided all things go well, you should probably see me again sometime in July when I am off for vacation.

Account related issues can still be emailed to me and I will continue to deal with them as quickly as I can.

Thanks for your understanding,


Let's Bot Series: Episodes 4 + 5

ISXBJ - 2017.02.19, Patch # 150

  • Terms of Service has been moved to after a check for new files. This should ensure that the UI skin has been downloaded.

Quest Bot - 2017.02.19, Version 3.00FF BETA

  • Added a new page, Relay Groups to the main UI.
    • Relay Groups are a way for Quest Bot to communicate with itself across sessions. It comes in handy if you want to run multiple groups on the same computer with them interfering with each other.
  • Added a Reload button to the main page. This will reload the currently selected task file.
  • City Tradeskill Rush Order Writs have been added back to Quest Bot.
  • Added a new command: QuestBot: Zone_Housing_Door
    • Description: Zones you into and out of player housing using the door.
    • Parameter 1 = ForWho
    • Parameter 2 = Desired player's house to visit (PlayerName or Exit)
    • Parameter 3 = House door location
  • Quest Bot will now automatically load OgreBot when a task is started if it is not currently running.
  • Added a new command: QuestBot: Read_Book
    • Description: Will read a book that is in your inventory.
    • Parameter 1 = ForWho
    • Parameter 2 = Book Name
    • Parameter 3 = Method (Read, TurnPage, CloseBook)
    • Parameter 4 = MethodValue (TurnPage: NextPage, LastPage, PreviousPage, FirstPage)
  • Create Mode - Added a Re-Number Steps button to the UI that will call the number lines routine.
  • Create Mode - Added a checkbox and textentry to the Add Task Step window.
    • This will allow you to paste task steps and then add them directly into the listbox. You should paste from C: |Command| to the end of the last parameter. Do not include the line number.
  • Added limited support for OgreBot Auto Hunt
    • Quest Bot P2P Navigation will now stop if Ogre Bot Auto Hunt is enabled and Prebuff is selected.
    • Ogre Bot Auto Hunt navigation will remain unsupported for now.

BJ Zone Information - 2017.02.19, Version 1.07

  • Zone Information Setup will now save when the [X] button is pushed.
  • Zone Information Setup will now reload Zone Information on all local sessions.
  • Zone Information Setup UI now contains a Save button.

ISXBJ - 2017.02.08, Patch # 149

Quest Bot - 2017.02.08, Version 3.00EE BETA

  • Corrected a bug with QuestBot: Open_Door where it would read the closed state of the actor incorrectly.

BJ Zone Information - 2017.02.08, Version 1.06

  • Zone Information Setup will now save a file when you select a Zone Type from the combobox.
  • Zone Information no longer requires an overland zone to contain an instance before it will call itself an overland zone.

Bright Ideas Gaming Presents - Let's Bot: Episodes 2 & 3



ISXBJ - 2017.02.06, Patch # 148

Quest Bot - 2017.02.06, Version 3.00DD BETA

  • QuestBot: Harvest_Quest_Item has had additional parameters added to it.
    • Parameter 3 = Scan Distance (Default = 20)
    • Parameter 4 = Collision Check (Default = TRUE)
    • NOTE: This change will break existing Harvest_Quest_Item steps that have been used prior to Patch # 148.
  • QuestBot: Open_Door has had additional parameters added to it.
    • P1 = ForWho
    • P2 = SortMethod (ByName or ByType)
    • P3 = Actor (Door) Name or Type
    • P4 = Closed State Value
    • P5 = Does the door remain open after use? (Default = FALSE)
    • NOTE: This change will break existing Harvest_Quest_Item steps that have been used prior to Patch # 148.
    • NOTE 2: All of the above parameters can be entered by standing next to the door and using the Parameter Wizard combobox.
  • Quest Bot will now recognize aggro on pets and act accordingly!
  • When not in a raid or grouped, Free For All will now automatically be selected as the looting method if it is not already.

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